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Warriors and You: A guide for Guild Wars : General Discussion

Posted: June 17th, 2007, 6:33 am
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Many people think that Warriors are the easiest class to play. They're right, in a way. Starting out, they are usually more effective with their better armor and more effective skills. Later on, however, most people find other classes out doing the Warrior's damage dealing capabilities. Thus, they decide warriors are for "noobs" and play other classes.
Having played a Warriors in Guild Wars for 2 years, I know that they stand as equals with all the other classes, when used right. Most of the problems I see with people PvP'ing with warriors are them trying to focus on too many skills, them not deciding on what their strategy is, and not listening to their teammates.

First off, knowing what you want your warrior to do is the key to success. You can only hold 8 skills at a time, and one of those is PvP will be a rez, so you have 7 slots to work from, what do you want to be able to do? Make sure whatever build you plan out you test in scrimmages and Random Arenas. Don't try to focus on to many combos, or you'll run out of room for other skills you'll need for healing. Finding one or two combos that work well together and balance with your healing abilities is key here.

Most people think the warrior can just charge in and start smacking things. Not always true, but if your build allows for it, yes. Most, however, have more of a plan that includes skills that need to be activated immediately before the first hit, or after a certain combo has been unleashed. The days of the stupid, unplanned warrior are over now, you need to use your brains AND brawn to win in this game. Just like before, find your focus, if it doesn't work out, change things as needed, but make sure your skills compliment each other in some way.

Warriors tend to think with their huge armor class and superior hit points, that once they get into battle, they can just kill anything in whatever order they want. Not true, knowing a order to attack your foes is key. Find the healers, kill them, then hex/cursers, Ele's, Rangers, Warriors. Of course, your team may decide to spike the ranger if it's doing to much damage, or ask you to put pressure on a Nuker while they deal with the monk. It's important as a warrior (and any class) to pay attention to your team mates. Also, if you're build is made specifically for taking out a certain class, for example, completely anti-warrior, Tell your team so they don't have you go after the healer or Necromancer.

Warriors are easy to play, but it's harder to play them well. Learn your builds, know your strategies. It's easy to want ot be a Jack of All trades, but it's better to know where your niche is.

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Posted: June 22nd, 2007, 8:28 pm

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dlm_bittersweet wrote:
however, most people find other classes out doing the Warrior's damage dealing capabilities.

lol, i thought he was talking about WoW for a moment, *read title !@#$%^&* lol*if your a fury war or arms war then if you link the right abilities together....no one outdoes your damage /smirk

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