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Weekly Site Updates and News - Sept 22-29 2008 : General Discussion

Posted: September 23rd, 2008, 6:06 pm

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Alright we are changing things up a bit to make things easier for all. The new format will have the games name then the big updates for the game that have happened or are in development. AKA people can learn what has happened, is happening, or will happen for games and the site as a whole. So without further adu.

General Site Updates
- The submissions area will be updated soon with a new picture to help new and current members learn how to submit things easier
- A new sidebar for mmoviper exchanging tu bucks will be added. This in general will give those members that have supported the site in the past a new way to use their tu bucks. This is now the end of our tu bucks extend we are working on
- We are still always adding new game sections and templates expect to see a star trek area soon and updates to some of the older games sections.
- Our warhammer monthly contest ends oct 1 so be sure to post in the warhammer section for a chance to get yourself a free account :)
Age of Conan
- The Free To Everyone Radar is working just fine. Be sure to get it at mmoviper.com
- A new mmoviper bot version was released to fix some bugs
- Harvesting has now been added to mmoviper.
EVE Online
- A new mmoviper bot is being worked on.
- Also one of the current bots is being worked on by the staff enjoy
EverQuest 2
- Nothing Big but slam is getting ready for a big update which means a big update to his bot.
Final Fantasy XI
- First and foremore the fishing bot has had a giant update so you can know easily fish. There might be some kinks in it that need to be worked on since it was a major update so be sure to post.
- NMAlert was updated as well with a big update so enjoy.
- The FFXI MMOViper bot has been updated as well so new things are in that now as well :)
Lineage 2
- We are working with one of our members to release a new Lineage 2 bot that everyone should be enjoying soon. Stayed tuned for updates to that.
- L2 Walker is still working just fine with our cracks ect ect
Lord of the Rings Online
- The current mmoviper bot had a new update to it which makes it much more user friendly
- We still have free radars and hunting bots in our premium member area.
- We are getting ready for the mines update so come November you can enjoy the game easily.
Vanguard Sage of Heroes
- The mmoviper vanguard bot is updated with some more user friendly perks.
World of Warcraft
- The fishing bot is working just fine
- A new wow bot will be supported on MMOViper so stay tuned eta is VERY SOON.
Warhammer Online
- The War Bot is coming very soon. We had a setback with a programmer having real life issues but that is taken care of now.
- A Warhammer radar should be expected to be released soon so everyone can enjoy it
- 1-40 leveling guides have already been posted in the confirmed area
- An amazing dupe is in the exploit section so be sure to use it
- A few simple bots are already in our programs section so be sure to use those

Well thats all for now hope you enjoyed the weekly update we always have more to come :)

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