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Welcome to TaultUnleashed : General Discussion

Posted: October 9th, 2007, 9:44 pm

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You have already taken one step towards enjoying your gaming experience to a whole new level. I would personally like to welcome you to the community and hope we can make your experience all the better. In fact that is why we have created this. Please read this quick little tutorial we made for new members and current members. It will go over some of the main features on the site and what you being a member is actually getting you :)

:!: Navigation

This is pretty easy. The left side is for all the game sections. All you do is click that game then you can select sub forums for that game. Or you can just use the forum link at the top of the page. As well on the top it has quick links to other parts of the site.

:!: Say Cheese :)

In this same forum you can say hi to other members and ask any questions or concerns you have.

:!: Problems?

Well first of all click the general / support link at the top of the page. From there you can check out the faq sections. Or you can always use the search feature on the right of the page. If both of those dont help you with your problem then just shoot me a quick private message.

:!: Exhume / Xunleashed

If you are premium then you can use the exhume / xunleashed interface. We have dropped support for xunleashed because we have came out with exhume. This application can allow you to program new things via it. You name it and exhume can help you create it. You can click the programming link at the top of the page or you can just click here.

:!: How Sections Work

If you go to a forum such as the aion forum you will see working / confirmed areas, discussion areas, a news area, a submissions area and a nerfed area.

[list=1][*]News Forums - The place where you find game related news. This forum is viewable by everyone.
[*]General Forums - Where anyone can post questions, ask for help, or just post game related things there. These forums are viewable by everyone.
[*]Submissions Forums - For new things you have found and need to be moved to the confirmed areas. If you are not premium you can post there to gain premium. If you are already premium you can post here to get more tu bucks (you can also post in the premium discussion areas). These forums are viewable by all registered members.
[*]Premium Forums - Where people post things that only premium members can view. This keeps things from wandering eyes. These forums are only viewable by premium members except some games that the sections are free.
[*]Confirmed/Working Forums - All confirmed to be working items posted there. You can not create topics there but you can reply to them. Also be sure to post nerfed for anything that is not working and is in those sections. These forums are only viewable by premium members except some games that the sections are free.
[*]Nerfed Forums - Where all nerfed things go. Be sure to check this area out from time to time as if you find an item that is no longer nerfed due to a patch you can get easy tu bucks. These forums are viewable by all registered members.

:!: TU Bucks

The number 1 way for someone to get a free premium membership is with tu bucks. You can get them by either posting information you find or create via your online experience. Or you can just help others and keep the community active. Learn more about tu bucks by clicking the image on how to join for free on the left of the page.

:!: Yays and Nays

Basically if you submit something you get yays and nays. You post yay if its something you think is useful for you. You post nay if its not. Keep in mind some things you wont find useful while others do. Its how the site works and gives everyone a fair chance to join the site. If you are after premium by posting saying yay and nay to things is a great way to get that. Just make sure you do it to items that are somewhat new and you say why you are yaying or naying things. Dont Spam.

:!: Contests

We have contests all the time. They are normally monthly but sometimes we put them on hold to get out new exciting things for gamers. Contests will be listed on the left of the page with a new image so always be sure to click on those.

:!: Why isnt premium available to all right away?

Well thats easy. Because we tend to want our cheats, exploits, and other things hidden from the public eye. We have certain contracts signed when someone joins the site so it tends to keep gaming companies away. Also its pretty easy to get premium. You can submit stuff you know, submit stuff you find, do over 300 posts, or donate to the site. We give plenty of options so the choice is yours.

:!: Marketplace

Use the link at the top of the page next to the search bar. There you can post a variety of things. From trading, selling, and buying, to giving reviews on new sites.

:!: Moderators
You can find different mods based on the game section you are in. They will have a special status for their site rank that sites moderator.

:!: Conclusion

I believe that covers most everything and we hope you enjoy your stay here at TaultUnleashed. Think you have some improvements to this page just send me a private message as i do read them all and i try to respond to all messages. Keep in mind as well a message can take up to 72 hours for a reply but i try to do it in no less than 6.

Once again thank you for being apart of our community and enjoy your time with us.

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