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Where to level from 12-17 on an Alliance Character : General Discussion

Posted: October 27th, 2007, 4:56 pm
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This is how I got from level 55-61. From level 55 to almost 58 (maybe 2-3 bars) I was in Winterspring. I did a few quests that i looked up on thottbot to make sure that they were worth my time exp or reward wise. I didn't want to waste an hour on a quest that wouldn't even give me half a bar of xp at level 55. After I did the quests that were worth my time, I grinded on yettis. I highly recomend this technique to skinners. In addition to dropping some good cash at a time and being easy to kill they are also skinnable and skin for rugged leather. This can be sold for about 2.5-3g per stack on my server. So in addition to getting some good quick xp and some good money and item drops(Twig of the World Tree dropped for me there =p) skinners will be able to make some good cash off of them. In the levels I grinded i got from 305-361 skinning and over 175g in leather, money, and cloth (not the items.) As an affliction warlock i had my voidwalker gather them up and I dotted them all and had him use suffering and they dropped pretty quickly. This will work with all classes but i believe classes that can solo mobs quickly like mages will level faster. All skinners should take advantage of this if you're a good grinder. It helped me get most of the cash for my epic mount.
For 58, I went to Hellfire Penninsula and quickly grinded the rest of my level. When i dinged 58 i continued grinding for the skinning mats, but not for too long. I went to thottbot and looked for the quest for the Staff of Twink Worlds. I found the quest and easily soloed it at 58. The imps are not very tough. The smaller ones dies in about 3-4 hits and the larger ones are brought down not much harder. After that quest, I went up to Honor Hold and picked up a few quests (I'm not entirely sure of the names, sorry!). I finished the folowups from these quests with the help of a guildie. I believe they are soloable but it was very tough for me. These were the quests to Burn the 4 horde towers (NOT the catapults!) and the one to walk inside the gateway to the portals surrounded by demons and use the Demon Shards to do something to them. (I'm sorry if I don't remember this exactly.) After these are turned in, giving nice rewards one of them blue, you get a break from fighting for the 2 or 3 folowups. You fly through the air on a griphon dropping bombs and people and portals. (It doesn't get much easier or funner than that!). I dinged sometime in all of that 59. At 59 I began doing a few group quests with other people (not that they were (group) quests) until I was about 3-4 bars away and grinded on the Voidwalkers in Hellfire. I recomend grinding on them alot because you can farm Motes of Shadow off of them, 10 motes of shadow equalling 1 primal shadow which averages about 20g+ on my server. I dinged 60 grinding on the voidwalkers. At 60 I headed to Zangarmarsh after doing my dreadsteed quest and picked up all the quests I could at The two towns Telrador and Cenarion Refuge. I did these quests for a while, in between grinding on Withered Giants and Bog Lords to farm Motes of Life for... You guessed it! Primal Life. This does not sell for as much as the others do but it is easy to farm. I got 10 Motes of Life in about 15 minutes. The Bog Lords drop it 2 at a time and the ginats 1 at a time. After I finsihed up most of the quests, I grinded my way to 61 on Bog Lords and Withered Giants getting some easy cash off the motes and the Primals and dinged 61. I hope you all find this guide helpful!

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