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WoW 28-40 in two days or less. : General Discussion

Posted: July 8th, 2007, 5:53 pm

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Okay, the best spot I have found for grinding from lvl 28 on up past 42 is out of STV.

Included in this post is a snapshot of the map, you'll want to head out to Grom'gol camp which is in the southern point of the map, then follow the road east out of the camp, and take the route that leads you north til you hit point A.

28-32: You will see a bunch of level 30-31 Young Stranglethorn Tigers in this area. Kill these til you hit about 32. The convenience of this spot, is there is a NPC merchant nearby that you can sell all your loot to while you're grinding.

32-34: Head off to the west to point B, and start killing the other tigers and pathers in this area. They are named Stranglethorn Tigers. Notice the lack of "Young" in the name.

35-37: Start killing the raptors in point C. They actually roam the woods all along this area, so don't stay in just that spot. You'll notice there's a ridge near the coast, if you head up on top of that ridge and just roam north and south along that area between Grom'gol and point C you will find all the raptors you could want.

37-40: Head to point D and start killing monkeys. You will love this spot if you are a rogue, because you have a higher crit rating on these. If you crit for 700 on a tiger you'll crit for 900 on a monkey. Watch out for the Shadowpaws and the Ogres in this area. The shadowpaws you should be able to handle as easily as the monkeys but the ogres are high level elites.

40-42: Head to point E, and kill raptors again. These are level 40-41 raptors and the area is high density. It also has the convenience of being right across the shore from Grom'Gol so when you fill up for loot its less than a 10 min trip to sell.

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