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HO - Battlegrounds is now balanced! : Hero Online News

Posted: April 13th, 2007, 6:54 am

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The changes made to the faction war since patch 1.37:

1. The teams will be evenly balanced so that both Zhuang and Shao will have the same number of participants.

2. The faction that has more players will be reduced to match the opposing faction''s number of participants. (For example, if Zhuang : 100, Shao : 200, Shao will be reduced to 100.)

3. It will be first come, first served basis for the faction with more players. The players that entered earlier will have priority over players who entered later. Ones who enter too late can be kicked due to the imbalance.

4. Players will be cut off during the one minute period before the actual war starts.

5. After the faction war, players are going to be warped to each faction’s district instead of Cave of Ruin.

6. Lost faction will also be rewarded with Fortune Case.

What is Battlegrounds

It is operated every Tuesday and Thursday and Attack team and Defense
team are separated automatically.

The objective for Attack Team is to capture the leader of Defense Team as well as his army. As for the Defense Team, their objective is to protect their leader.

Battlegrounds is a large scale battle system which requires a harmony within Attack and Defense teams as well as strategy, tactics, and collaboration.

Due to its unique and enormous field, it is easy to become a target if one works alone. It is advised to organize groups in order to form strategies and collaborated system during the war.

How to Join?

Operated Hours & limited Level:
Tue: AM3, AM11, PM7 (level: 40~59)
Thu: AM3, AM11, PM7 (level: 60+)

NPC Location:
Hero Battle Manager in each faction district.

Must join Faction. (Zhuang or Shao)

Time Limit : 30 min.
Damage : 70%.
Players are prohibitted from openning private trade.


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