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HO - Red Dragon's Lair Opening Soon : Hero Online News

Posted: July 25th, 2007, 7:14 am

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Red Dragon’s Lair

A cave where it has been said that a blazing dragon lies in deep.
It is a habitation of violent yetis, so extra caution is necessary.

Red Dragon’s Lair is as described above, a dangerous place to go to if you are not strong enough. With high level monsters ranging from 94~99 wandering around, you may not want to even take a step into this area if you are alone. Below is the map of Red Dragon’s Lair, which you may enter from the portal in Crystal Summit.

The monsters that can be seen in this area are:

1. Snowman Level 94
2. Flame Giant/Fiery Toxic Giant Level 98
3. Burning Iken Level 97
4. Flame Priestess Level 96
5. Red Dragon Level 99

There are four new Semi-Unique items that you may be able to get from these monsters.

Red Dragon’s Ring
Red Dragon’s Amulet
Red Dragon’s Bracelet
Red dragon’s Earring

But, players have to complete certain tasks before they try to get these items. Just like the semi-unique items that are dropped in Deserted Temple, players must complete a quest from Blacksmith Kang in Crystal Summit.

The name of the quest is “Red Dragon Boots” (As indicated with the yellow box), and once you finish this quest, he will give you a pair of Red Dragon Boots, which you must wear in order to acquire these items from the monsters. The quantity of these semi-unique items is limited also, like the ones from Deserted Temple.

What Happens if you kill the Red Dragon?

If players are successful in defeating the Red Dragon, the player who takes the last blow will be put into the body of Yuhwama, and the player will be given the control of the monster. The death of the Red Dragon will result in a server-wide announcement which will be made to notify all the players of the awakening of this mad devil.

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As you can see, GM Garuth is inside Yuhwama after successfully defeating the Red Dragon. You can control Yuhwama to move around, and even attack the other players or monsters. You could also use the skills that Yuhwama originally possesses. Players may come to stop you, the mad devil Yuhwama. You can fight back and kill the players, and they may drop some special items. If the players are successful in defeating you, they will also be awarded with special items. If you wish to leave the body of Yuhwama and go back to playing your character, you may click on the skull icon indicated with the yellow box, but Yuhwama will be sealed in again in his place.

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