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A little guide to character raising. : Hero Online Submissions

Posted: September 7th, 2006, 4:31 pm

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Fiirst things first. Horses vs Class mounts. When first starting out horses are most likely a better choice. they have higher defense and more HP. Mounts have higher skill defense and are easier to kill. you can level a horse much easier. Horses cost 100k and class mounts cost anywhere from 500-900k. Horse require lvl 20 to ride no matter what the horses level. Mounts have a new lvl requirement every time they evolve. Lvl 53 after the first evolution and lvl 83 after the second I believe.
Next we look at the stats. Strength increases damage, skill damage, the amount of weight you can carry and of course hit points. Dexterity increases defense, dodge, and your acuracy. Intelligence increases chi as well as skill damage and skill defense. Strength increases skill damage more than int so if your going for pure skill damage try to keep your strength at least equal to your int. Skills come next. The first main choice is class skills vs weapon skills. this is mostly personal preference but to me if you aren't a warrior or hunter then you probably won't invest much in class skills in the begining. yes going invisible or being able to paralize things might sound fun but it will be kinda useless if you can't kill the thing. another choice is either to buy the first skill book at lvl 10 or wait for the second book at lvl 25. I've done both and I have to say that waiting for the second book slows down leveling in the early parts but after you hit 25 and spend all your points in that lvl 25 book you really start leveling fast. I went from 25-39 in a day or so. at lvl 30 you have yet another choice to make. Wind Drift or do you want to save for you lvl 40 weapon skills. I will let you know that it takes a huge 93 skill points to learn all the lvl 40 weapon skills. At lvl 25 I had 7 skill points and by 40 I had exactly enough to get my last skill in the book. So save wisely. Next comes which pet to use. I've raised a hawk, bear, horse and wolf. wolfs are the hardest because they start out so low and take a long time to level. Bears are great pets because they can do great damage and level up fairly quickly. I didn't too much care for the hawk because of how long it took just to gain a single level. Horses are my favorite. I dunno why. Probably because of how easily they level. And after a certain level, maybe 35, maybe even lower you can start going afk while training for short amounts of time. I never really bothered to train a mount for two reasons. One they take alot of damage when you first get them. Two when they evolve they have a new level requirement. So to me not worth it but thats just my two cents.

If this is not deemed premium then could a mod move this to general discussion after it is voted on so it can help others? thanks all.

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Posted: September 7th, 2006, 11:06 pm

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Can premium members say yay or nay to this being moved to a confirmed section.

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