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ARG! since my horse lvling ain't gettin ne good review..... : Hero Online Submissions

Posted: January 16th, 2007, 7:23 pm
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OK lilfisher if you SEE THIS MSG! you must mod yay! :twisted:
For all you primiem members PUT YAYS and help a fellow hero player a lift :oops:

Guide To get More gold over Period of time.

Ok first of all, the first thing you want to do before else is to sulf around the Central Market for a good hour or two. While you're doin this, fell free to check out the market price.

Ok for your lower lvl people, i would strongly recommand you Selling Fortune cases. (don't sell Gems, Keep only CITRINE and GARNET and give/NPC the rest; becuase they are unprofitable and takes a long time to sell) Selling Cases is a great way to make extra money. I have a lvl 65 character and i still sell cases.

Here is what you do. First, go to CM tavern and start meditating. After, Put your chat mode in "shout" and type in msg such as "BUYING> > ALL flowing/burning blue cases. 100k each." After posting that couple of tiems, you should get at least 6 cases for 100k each. (generally what i do is taht i stock up about 40 cases and sell em all. ::note; the current price for burning/flowing blue case is about 200k:: Once you get the desireable amount of cases you want, start opening shops Near the CM black smith( or any other good spot). For me, i generally Sell them at rate of 220k per peice overnight and when i wake up. they are ALWAYS all gone. if you desire a more faster sale, sell em at 160-190k, they will sell very fast. If you decide to sell at 220k per piece, you will make make 720k per cycle. Since you spend 600k for all 6 case and if you sell all 6 cases you'll have 1.32m which means you have 720.000 profit. And over times you will be very profitable.

---- You can Also try experimenting with other TYpe of cases. But the one i recommand the most is FLOWING/BURNING blue cases.


Ok when you made enough money on those Blue/FLOWING cases and want to earn more gold, here is how. For this business, you will need around 30m to start off. Instead of Selling normal Fortune cases. you can sell Hero boxes. Here is how i go about mine. I get my cases the same way i get my burning/flowing blue cases, i shout in cm, but this time, instead of burning/flowing, i put HERO boxes. I usually buy the Hero boxes for 5m. Be patient, the hero boxes are a little bit harder to get. (the best time would be at Tuesdays after the faction war.) When you get 6 hero boxes for 5m each, it will cost you 30m in total to start your business. After you get the 6 boxes, just put them in shop for about 7.5m each. overnight, they should be all sold out. If you sells and your HERO boxes at 7.5m a piece, you will get 45m, and if you take 45m-30m(inital investment) you will get 15m, which is your profit. At this rate, if you make 15m a day, you will make 105m a week.

To make even more money, the trick is to know the market price. usually what i do is that i find a piece of item at a very low cost at shops and sell em at the market price. For example, i once bought a DEADLY WIND AMULET(+200 dodge) for 73m and i sold it for 85m. BAM! i made 12m in an instant. so the whole trick is to know the market Price.
:::::::::::NOTE- the market price for stuff changes often, make sure you are updated:::::::::::::::: :P :D :wink:

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Posted: January 16th, 2007, 8:10 pm

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sn00pythedog wrote:
OK lilfisher if you SEE THIS MSG! you must mod yay! Twisted Evil
For all you primiem members PUT YAYS and help a fellow hero player a lift Embarassed

looks like i will be quoting myself...

kourath wrote:
ok i think you may be confused. when you submit things, your putting them up for public voting of wether or not they are worthy/good enough to be here on TU. its not a game where you have to get other people to vote yay for you as fast a possible, or where you tell other people to vote yay for you. your submission will be voted yay/nay on according to its relevance to the game and its relevance to the people here. nothing else with that in mind, please refrain from asking anyone to vote yay on your submission just because you think it is worthy. as stated before, it really doesnt matter if you personally think it is good enough, and asking for yays is only making it worse.

please stop asking for yays. It will not work and it is starting to get annoying

EX-TU member. For my own reasons, I will no longer play a role as an active member. Goodbye.

RIP kourath. 5/21/08

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Posted: January 20th, 2007, 8:13 pm
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ok you said sell gems to a vendor cause they are too hard to sell...

NEWSFLASH vendor 10gold ANY PLAYER IN 5 minutes flat 5k or if your real desperate 3k or 4k and they will sell in SECONDS - especially if you do a local server shout

ok now for your 30 mil plan and you box plan, I think I have seen you selling and you ruin the market for the rest of us, um BLUE are never worth over 100k so you are inflating the market for those of us who actually buy them, like me. The hero boxes I think is a good idea, thats well done but the rest I am just not too happy about. Tryin no tot flame, cause I dont like flamers... but also tryin to share and guide and learn too

I can tell you that by far my best money in game is by making and selling Violet Weapons (check my guide on Smithing here) you can invest your 30 mil and make 100 mill back easy..... once you sell your first you are on the way to your first 500mil or 1bil yes I have had that much a few times.... but me likes the shiney stuff so I keep spending it....


Oh sorry my official call is a nah, will change that if you respost more tips then 1 that actually works, although MOST players will never see the inital 5mil UNLESS they buy boxes and get lucky to get started, but by your plan even the boxes are out of pricerange.... And the deadly wind thing, thats just basic marketting we all try to do that... now a priceguide that may be interesting, maybe you can post the average prices of rares, that I would YEH on!

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Posted: January 20th, 2007, 8:33 pm

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1 nay 0 yays
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3 more yays to confirm

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