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Assassin Tips : Hero Online Submissions

Posted: September 7th, 2006, 9:48 pm

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Some assassin hints/tips if ur makeing one.

You buy Skill Books from the book store in DC, it's the npc that looks like an old man wearing blue robes and is about in the center of the Castle. 1 Dan books are 8,000 to buy, 2 Dan 5 Kyu books are 20,000 I believe (Haven't checked in a while :P )
~And they're called "Skills" not "Spells" for future reference~

As for your stats, it depends on what kind of fighting style you go by.
If you plan to use skills almost constantly in battle, then a large Int and Str is good for you. Inteligence will increase your additional skill damage and maximum Chi, and Strength will increase your overall attack damage and maximum Hit Points. Combined, they give a VERY large attack power when using skills. As you plan to become an assassin, the passive skill gives you Accuracy and Dodge Rate bonuses, therefore the Dexterity stat is only needed if you plan to use a weapon that requires it.

Assassins have their job skills, one that gives the ability to become temporarily invisible (Move of Disguise), one to see other cloaked people/mobs, and one that drains hp from the opponent (Move of Extortion). The passive skill, as said above, increases Accuracy and Dodge Rate.
The skills that hit multiple enemies at once are called AOEs (Area Of Effect) they may be around the player for a certain radius (Ex. "The Seventh Shadow", 3rd skill (lvl 5) in the 2 Dan 5 Kyu sword book), and they may be able to hit multiple enemies at a distance (Ex. "Red Moon Strike", 2nd skill (lvl 3) in the 2 Dan 5 Kyu throwing weapon book)
The locations on the quick selection bar at the bottom of the screen is up to you, it's best to put the skills of one weapon grouped on the bar with each other, so that you don't accidentally click one of a different weapon.

Assassins ride Great Wolves (or their eveolved forms) at 2 Dan 3 Kyu, and anyone can Ride a horse at 2 Dan. the Job Mounts are better in many ways in that they can gain more defence and maximum HP per level than horses. The current price of a Job Mount is about 500,000-700,000 I've seen.

Flying Lion- Warrior
Great Wolf- Assassin
Reindeer- Hunter
Great Tiger- Physician

Black Wolf- Useable at 1 Dan
Bear- Useable at 3 Dan
Hawk- Useable at 4 Dan
Tiger- Useable at 5 Dan
(If there are more I do not know of them)

NOTE: If ur gona use a STR/INT build be sure ur Dex doesn't get to low (i tell this to all Assassins ) otherwise taking on more than one mob at a time will be dangerous at later lvls, as long as u don't let Dex fall too far behind, u will have a character capable of tearing thru hoards of mobs in no time.

Hope this helps a few people, VOTE ME so i can get prem so i can give back to the community

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Posted: September 7th, 2006, 11:10 pm

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Can premium members say yay or nay to this being moved to a confirmed section.

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