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Assassins Guide Dex/Int Build (1-20) : Hero Online Submissions

Posted: September 29th, 2006, 12:02 pm

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ok seeing as my first attempt got 3 Nays heres is my improved guide

By KooKs_

Ok this guide is for you low level assassins out there so the first thing you will be thinking is what class should I choose and my answer to that is any, yes any it doesn’t really matter what class you pick the only differences they have are beginning stat points which aren’t that ranged and the types of weapons they use for example:

The two male classes are:
-Ruthless Blade: Blade / Bow Master
-Overseer of the Sky: Spear / Rod / Axe Master

The two female classes are:
-The Elegant Mystic: Spear / Rod / Hand Melee Master
-The Piercing Eyes: Blade / Throwing knives Master

Note: For this build you cannot use a majority of weapons that require STR obviously

Ok now that you have picked a class and hopefully got yourself in the game you should just go explore get used to which vendors are where etc you can also see this with the MAP which should be in the bottom right hand corner if it’s not then just press (M) on your keyboard and it should just pop up. Ok by now you should have got used to your surroundings and now you will be thinking to yourself “Ok !@#$%^&* get on with it I wanna level!” but before that you need to get to know a couple of things first as what stats do what:

1 point str = 1 point normal atk, 1 point skill atk, 3 hp ((added) - increase carry wieght)
1 point dex = 1 point reg. defense, 1 point skill def., 2 point crit, 0.5 point dodge
1 point int = 3 point chi, 0.5 skill atk, 2 point skill def

The main stats we are going to focus in are Dex and Int I should tell you that I haven’t based my stat allocation on the Class but on the Assassin job it. But if you would like to place more points into STR then go ahead but it won’t do you any good in the long run.
Now for the first few levels we shall be raising STR because you are going to want more carrying weight so put your first 4 stat points in to STR

Stat Allocation
4 --14 12 20
5-- 16 14 20
6 -- 18 16 20
7 --20 18 20
8 --22 20 20
9 --24 22 20
10 -- 27 24 20
11 -- 30 26 20
12 --33 28 20
13 --36 30 20
14 --39 32 20
15 --42 34 20
16 --45 36 20
17 --48 38 20
18 --51 40 20
19 -- 25
20 30

Note: for all those people out there that think you should be placing your stat points in all 3 attributes so that you can use all the weapons etc that hero provides then your seriously mistaken as in any other MMORPG you should be focusing in one or two attributes otherwise your character will be pretty weak I can assure you of that

Another thing you’re going to have to get used to is the shortcuts so here they are:

Keyboard Button Usage
Cat Action Used Key Description
Skill Quick Slot Switch F1 ~ F5 Quick Slot Page Toggle
Quick Slot 1st Space Use the item in 1st Space
2nd Space Use the item in 2nd Space
3rd Space Use the item in 3rd Space
4th Space Use the item in 4th Space
5th Space Use the item in 5th Space
6th Space Use the item in 6th Space
7th Space Use the item in 7th Space
8th Space Use the item in 8th Space
UI Character Window C Opens the Character Information Window
Inventory Window I Opens the Inventory Window
Skill Tree B Opens the Character Skill Tree Window
Pet Window P Opens the Character’s Pet Window
House Window G Opens the House Window
Quest Window Q Opens the Quest Window
Weapon Toggle W Toggles between 1st weapon set and 2nd weapon set
Item Pick Up S Picks up close-by dropped items
Item Name Display ALT Displays close-by item names
Select Target V Selects the closest enemy target
Target Attack A Attacks the selected target
Normal Chat Cursor Add/Remove ENTER Start chatting, End chatting
Normal Normal chat bubble window will pop-up after entering a message

Mouse Left-Click Usage
Cat Action Instruction
Character Selecting In character select screen, click on the character.
Click on the land or any type of surface.
Targeting Click on the character you want to target.
Attacking Double-Click on the targeted character.
Profession Related Picking Possible if the item for a profession is equipped
Item Picking Up Click on the dropped items.
Grabbing Click on an item in the inventory.
Moving After grabbing, move the cursor around.
Selling Move an item from character inventory to the store inventory
Purchasing Move an item from the store inventory to character inventory.
Removing Move an item from equipped space to an empty inventory space.
Throwing Away After grabbing, click on the land or any type of surface.
UI Quick Pet Menu Hold Ctrl and click on the pet, it will bring up a menu.

Mouse Right-Click Usage
Cat Action Description
Camera Turning Camera will move with the cursor being on top, bottom, and sides of the screen.
Item Use /
Item Equipping Uses the item if it is disposable item.
Equips the item if it’s wearable.
*You can also switch already equipped items.
Item Removing Removes the equipped item.
If there is no space inventory, a warning message will pop up.

Mouse Right-Click Usage
Cat Action Mouse Point Usage
Item Description Pop Up If the pointer is moved on to an item, the item description will pop up.
Attack Skill Description Pop Up If the pointer is moved on top of an Attack Skill Book, the forms of the skill will pop up.
Passive Skill Description Pop Up If the pointer is moved on top of a Passive Skill Book, the skill description will pop up.
Form Description Pop Up If the pointer is moved on top of a form icon, the form description will pop up.

Now that you’ve got all that memorized it’s time to crack on with the guide

Level 1

Ok now we have done that head out of dragon castle preferably the North Gate and begin to kill the Wolf Pups you should be attacking the level 1 Wolf Pups by the way

Level 2

now once you’ve levelled you should have your weapon equipped at this point I would choose the weapon that requires the most STR if you can as this would be your best choice and you won’t be using that type of weapon again so don’t get too attached. So you’ve got a new weapon sweet now go massacre a few more Wolf Pups and pick up any items that have dropped you should have been doing this from the beginning but if you haven’t you had better start now as you’re going to need it when you hit Level 4

Location: Ho-nam
Quest: Repair the Broken Knife
Reward: [Minor Healing Tea] x 50
Meet [Tavern Clerk Sohae] at Dragon Castle and inquire about the Quest.
Bring [Broken Kitchen Knife] to [Blacksmith Jang] at Dragon Castle
Do you think you can do me a favour? It's nothing big. There's been an increase in customers lately. So, my kitchen knives are wearing out much quickly due to the increased use. Do you think you can take a broken kitchen knife to the blacksmith and get it repaired? I'm too busy that I can't leave the tavern.
I have a Kitchen Knife that became dull and broke into two pieces. Can you please take this to the blacksmith and get it fixed?

Tip: Place the healing tea in Quick Slot 1 this will save time and your life!

Level 3

Ok level 3 now you can adventure forth into the wilderness and go kill some Wild Boars which should be out of the east gate and across the bridge ok now I should tell you to refuse party invitations as at your level it will just make your levelling a lot longer and throughout the guide you will be soloing mostly but if you want to party go ahead I’m not stopping you.

Level 4

Ok now you’ve done that you can equip your first piece of armour providing that you have it. At this point your inv might be getting a little full so if you have time skip back to town and sell the stuff you don’t need to a vendor doesn’t really matter which one if you’ve done that good on you now you should have some money but don’t go and spend it all as you’re going to need it at higher levels and if you’re tempted to go buy some new equipment there’s no need because you’re going to get most of your stuff from Mobs anyway. At this level try and grind on some Thieves or Bandits these can be found further east if these are too hard and it seems like your pissin hp don’t worry just kill Bandits and leave the Thieves for now

Location: Ho-nam
Quest: Violent Wild Boar
Reward: 2500 Gold
Meet [Farmer] at Dragon Castle and inquire about the Quest.
Bring the requested items to [Farmer] at Dragon Castle.
Requested Item: [Wild Boar's Molar] x 10
The crops are ripe and it's time for harvest. But recently, Wild Boars have come down from the mountains and are ruining my crops. A couple of farmers and I tried to chase them away but never succeeded. They are so aggressive that people have been getting hurt. I'm looking for someone to abolish them. You can find the Prairie Boars by crossing the stream back there. I'm sorry but can you please bring back the Prairie Boar's Molar as proof?

Level 5

Yay! Level 5 and more killing yes you’re going to have to kill more mobs this can be pretty tedious so go have a break because you’ve obviously earned it. If you haven’t already started killing Thieves now is the time.

Level 6

Wehey you get another piece of armour to protect your !@#$%^&* now continue levelling and keep on collecting stuff to sell on trust me you need the money!

Location: Ho-nam
Quest: Lost Ring
Reward: [Jadeite]
Meet [Ornament Store Wang] at Dragon Castle and inquire about the Quest.
Bring the requested Items to [Ornament Store Wang] at Dragon Castle.
Requested Item: [Bandit's Emerald Jadeite Ring] x 10
Can you please help me? On my way back from buying some Emerald Jadeite Rings from the western merchants, I was robbed by thieves. I was supposed to deliver those rings to the wives of high officials. If I don't deliver the rings to them by the promised date, I will have to close my business because trust and punctuality is everything in this business. You have to bring the rings back before the promised date. I'll pay you generously.

Level 7

Ok now head to the Highlands if you don’t know where abouts that is look at your map that what it’s there for once you’re in the Highlands you’re going to kill apes if you have the quest that’s great because it saves you time and you can get a little boost of exp or money I can’t really remember that far back but it should help you in one way or the other

Level 8

Level 8 and still grinding those apes keep it up and you get yet another piece of armour to add to your collection great huh? But at this level you should really be looking to get +1 +2 or even +3 equipment as this should help you a bunch

Location: Ho-nam
Quest: Eliminate Black Wolf
Reward: [Experience] 4775
Meet [Castle Physician] at Dragon Castle and inquire about the Quest.
Bring the requested items to [Castle Physician] at Dragon Castle.
Requested Item: [Black Wolf's Canine Tooth] x 10
I know that we don't really know each other well, but can you please do me a favour? There's been a large increase in the number of patients who've been visiting me lately. With this sudden increase in number of patients, I need more medicine ingredients. I've sent people to Highlands where there's an abundant amount of medicinal herbs but they either come back hurt or don't come back at all. You look like you can handle the perils of the mountain however...how about you go and get some ingredients for me? You truly are a kind person. I'll tell you how to get to the Highlands. Go out through the east gate of the castle and head straight. You'll see a mountain. Pass that mountain and you'll be able to see a road to the Highlands. When you get to the Highlands prepare yourself, since that is where most of the dangers of this quest lies. I wish I could just ask you to find the herbs that I need from Highlands, but only an accomplished healer would know how or where to find them. Instead, could you bring back some teeth of Black wolves?

Level 9

If you’re ready move on to the grey bears they shouldn’t be that much harder than the apes but if you’re finding them difficult just keep on killing those apes because getting to level 10 is going to be your worst nightmare so be sure to stack up on your pots
Location: Ho-Nam
Quest: Liquor Retrieval
Reward: 3 Character specified weapons; 10000 Gold
Meet [Chief Guard Lee] at Dragon Castle and inquire about the Quest.
Bring the requested items to [Chief Guard Lee] at Dragon Castle.
Requested Item: [Wild Ape's Liquor] x 10; [Great Black Wolf's Head] x 1
Me and a squad member are going to have a drink after our shift. I heard there's a great liquor that's made by Wild Apes in the Mystic Hills. I believe it was called the Ape's Liquor. . . But, as you can see, I'm on duty so I can't go get the liquor myself. So I was thinking. Maybe you could go get the Wild Ape's Liquor for me. Anyway there's also been a Great Black Wolf attacking innocents in the area. People have been notified but the area's still dangerous. Can you go kill the Great Black Wolf and bring a Great Black Wolf's Head as proof? Please help me out.

Level 10

Finally your level 10 and this is the moment you’ve been waiting for head back to Dragon Castle and find the Assassin Trainer and get your first job once your an assassin you will want to spend your Skill points that you’ve been dieing to spend and this is one of the things you’re going to have to decide for yourself but I will tell you to go straight to the book store and buy a skill book that’s fits the weapon your using I would just buy one though you can buy them both if you like now go head back out to the highlands and go grind on the bears or if your char is the beast maybe you would like to go kill some level 13 – 15 Rogues or even level 15 Assassins.

This is where you want to go if you’re going to the Assassin Trainer and an idea of what skills you get


Assassin Trainer NPC Bing is located next to the Lord Sagun.
If you choose to be an assassin, you will receive an attack skill "Common Assassin Skill" and a passive skill "Talon of Hawk Skill" Common Assassin Skill has two levels of forms as described below.

Form Ability Description
1st Form Move of Disguise Becomes invisible from the enemies.
2nd Form Move of Seek Finds invisible enemies.
3rd Form Extortion drains a percentage of the damage
dealt to player‟s Health.

* "Talon of Hawk Skill" increases attack accuracy and dodge success rate.

Location: Ho-Nam
Quest: Tedious Request
Reward: 6000 Gold
Meet [Tavern Clerk Sohae] at Dragon Castle and inquire about the Quest.
Bring the requested items to [Tavern Clerk Sohae] at Dragon Castle.
Requested Item: [Mighty Ape's Liquor] x 10
What is Ape's Liquor? Do apes really make their own liquor...? A lot of customers have been asking for the Ape's Liquor lately. Especially the Mighty Ape's Liquor. What do you say? Do you think you can get them for me?

Level 11

Now your level 11 you should be killing Rogues or Assassins don’t try killing the Renegades just yet I think you might want to wait a couple more levels if you find the bears easier to grind on then go with them

Level 12

You should be killing those Rogues and Assassins by now if not go try them you should be able to take them fairly easy you might want to consider joining a party it may help you

Location: Ho-Nam
Quest: Cleaning Up the Mess
Reward: [Vicious Emerald Leather Boots] x 2; 2000 Gold.
Meet [Tavern Clerk Chung] in Highlands and inquire about the Quest.
Bring the requested items to [Tavern Clerk Chung] in Highlands.
Requested Item: [Grey Bear's Leather] x 10; [Rogue's Round Knife] x 10
From what I hear, the authorities have been on this case already, hunting wild animals and fighting bandits. But as usual, I can't trust them to carry out this job properly. So I was wondering if you could help us out. It'll be too much for you to handle all the cases, so just hunting Dark Bears and fighting Rogues would be great. As form of proof, if you bring the Dark Bear's Leather and Rogue's Round Knife, I will give a little something in return. It might prove useful one day.

Level 13

Now your level 13 go kill those Renegades they will be hard but stack up on CHI and HP pots and just spam them with skills just keep doing this you won’t lose any money on pots as they drop a decent amount of money if anything you should be earning more money than what you originally spent on the pots you should also have a decent amount of money by now providing you have been doing what I said so you might be thinking of upgrading your equipment it will also help you kill those Renegades.

Level 14

Still keep grinding those Renegades I know it’s boring I’ve done it myself but hang in there but at level 14 you can get some new armour so you won’t be using those pots as much which is a relief so hang in there pal it shouldn’t take too long if it does you can go to the Archers and kill those in Venom Swamp

Location: Ho-Nam
Quest: Delivery to Dragon Castle
Reward: [Healing Tea] x 60; [Experience] 16260
Meet [Tavern Clerk Chung] in Highlands and obtain information on the Quest.
Deliver the Galls to the [Castle Physician] and the ironstones to [Blacksmith Jang].
Requested Item: [Grey Bear's Gall] x 10; [Rogue's Iron Ore] x 10
I received a letter from Blacksmith Jang and the Dragon Castle Physician. They're running out of materials for making weapons and medicines. They were asking me if I had any Bear Galls and Iron to send them... But I'm fresh out. Whatever materials I need, I can get by myself, but I will need help in getting enough to send to those two. Could you please gather the materials for me? You know where the Rogues and Dark Bears are, right? If you hunt them, you'll be able to get Dark Bear's Galls from the Dark Bears and Irons from the Rogues.

Level 15

Your level 15 and your attack is pretty weak well now you can go and get a new weapon this should make levelling on those mobs a lot faster and you won’t need be using your skills to kill them as much too if you are finding levelling to be a bit slow you can go to Venom Swamp and kill Archers and Spearman you could also join a party might be better grinding as long as everyone else is killing something and not idle if you do go down to Venom Swamp don’t attack reindeers or you could get in some trouble especially at your level

Level 16

Keep grinding on those Spearman and Archers if you aren’t already and don’t forget to upgrade your skills this is important as it could make that bit of difference and also you can get a new headpiece so you can look the part

Level 17

You can go get your first mask at this level great eh? Well if you’re getting in trouble you might want to think of upgrading your equipment but be careful you could lose your item in the process and you can go and kill Toads at this level which should be some fun *Not* but don’t worry you’re not far off from the big 20

Level 18

Level 18 you might want to get in a party and kill some spiders in a party if keep killing those Toads and Snakes you can get your first piece of jewellery at this level which will increase your HP Recovery speed by 5% not too big a deal cause you’ll be potting most of the time so don’t worry about it

Location: Ho-Nam
Quest: Securing the Transport Route
Reward: [Copper Earrings]; [Copper Amulet]; 2000 Gold
Meet [Banker Sunny] at Dragon Castle and inquire about the Quest.
Bring the requested items to [Banker Sunny] at Dragon Castle.
Requested Item: [Assassin's Tablet] x 10; [Renegade's Dagger] x 10
We're trying to transport some goods to the eastern region. But in order to do so we must go through the Highlands which is occupied by Violent Soldiers and Assassins. To make matters worse our guards have gone on another convoy to safeguard the goods. Please bring back the Mystic Killer's Tablet and Violent Soldier's Dagger as proof that you've eliminated them. Good luck.

Level 19

Keep on those Spiders as there isn’t anything better but if you’re still on Toads you will have Noticed that grinding is getting a bit slow so go with spiders this will take some time so grind like crazy and go get your mount at level 20 that you’ve been waiting for since you first entered the game

Level 20

Well you reached level 20 HAPPY DAYS!!! Unfortunately this is the end of the guide
If this guide helped you please email me at

im sorry its messy but ive added a Word Document so you can view it in Word should be alot better quility thnks anyway

link to word document
http://rapidshare.de/files/34906402/The ... .docx.html

Posted: October 1st, 2006, 1:07 pm

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Edit:After folowing ur guide i have noticed that it jumps places to fast and hard to get good exp.


3Yays to Move to Confirmed
2 Nays to Lock

Last edited by xxxgod on October 1st, 2006, 9:59 pm, edited 1 time in total.

Posted: October 1st, 2006, 2:05 pm

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I'm sorry but once again I have to say nay. he pretty much used his exact last guide but this time added quests. yes I did suggest him to add quests, but he's still having people go to areas that just isn't good for leveling at a decent speed.

Posted: October 1st, 2006, 3:19 pm
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/agree w/ reijekt
i vote nay.

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