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beginner guide : Hero Online Submissions

Posted: August 2nd, 2006, 10:24 am
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Hello and welcome to my 5 step beginner guide here i will teach what to do when you are starting Hero OnLine :D

Step1 regester and download:
Frist off you have to go to Hero home page http://hero.netgame.com , then at the top right corner is the login thing and a little under that is regester click that and site up (your have to be useing Internet Explorer or else it will keeping telling you that the ID is in use.)Then for the download you have to go back to the home and on the navigation bar it show downloads go over that and click client,pick one of the 4 game downloads and start downloading (Remeber you must have Direct X 9 to play this game.)

Step2 chracter select and chracter info:
There are 4 different chracters to pick from frist is The Ruthless Blade Secound is Overseer of the sky theired is The Elegant Mystic and last is Piercing Eyes the first two are guys and the last two are girls, after pick the chracter you want you have to pick his/her name and click "crate chracter.Each chracter can use different weapons The Ruthless Blade can use swords and bows, Overseer of the sky uses axes and spears, and then the same with the girls.

Step3 In game controls:
Once your done picking your chracter you get into the game and here is were the fun starts frist ill tell you the controls: as in most game you us the mouse to move around and to pick were your going with useing the left mouse click you can attack and useing the the right click helps you look around (must be holding it) and the mouse wheel well make it zoom in and out.Now the keyboard for the keyboard i will put the meaning and the what key you press change wepon = W Skills = B Stats = C Taget a monster = V Attack = A Invintory = I that is all you really need to know in the keyboard keys.

Step4 Picking your Job:
Picking your job is easy after training tell you get to lvl 10 you must go to south of the Town and there you will find 4 different people The frist is the Hunter trainer hunters are good long range and has the frist skill you get a tameing skill, the second job is a warrior, warriors are good becuse the do good close range damage, the next job is a assasin this job is good becuse assasins are good in many different ways are mostly good in dodgeing, and last is the healer this job is good becuse you can help people in a party when they are low helth or ever for your self.

Step5 trading, selling and items:
Trading and selling is a good way to earn money and the most populer place to trade and sell stuff is the market to enter the market you must talk to the lady closesed to the event girl she also has bank for you to store items in, once you get into the market you can start selling to start a shop you have to hole CTRL and click on your self and to trade people you do the same thing but you click on them.

Thats my 5 step beginner guide if you have any more question about Hero OnLine Pm me and i might be able to awnser then Thank you and enjoy Hero :D

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Posted: August 2nd, 2006, 10:36 am

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