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Beginner's Guide : Hero Online Submissions

Posted: July 18th, 2006, 4:17 pm
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Author: the420Kid @hero online's main forum



Creating an Account

Go to www.netgame.com and follow the registration process (If you experience problems with fire fox use IE)
Follow the links when you create your character to get a key if you want in the closed beta phase 2 (There may be none left)
Once your account is created go to http://hero.netgame.com and click download client.

Beginning the game

There are 4 characters each with there suggested title however this does not mean anything, you do not actually chose your class until level 10. The main difference between the characters is the weapons they can use.

The ruthless blade - Sword type 1 / Sword type 2 / Bow

Elegant Mystic - Rod type 1 / Rod type 2 / Fist

Piercing Eyes - Sword type 1 / Sword type 2 / Throwing

Overseer of the sky - Axe / Rod type 1 / Rod type 2

At the moment there is 1 server called moon server and it has several channels but they are all on 1 server. Ie the character you create is available on all moon servers I suggest picking the smallest population server.

Choose your server and create a character and get ready for some kung fu fighting.

Getting Started

First things first you click to move if that was not obvious to you.
level is broken into to words Dan and Kyu. Kyu is the ones column where Dan is the 10s column. When you start you are 0 Dan 1 kyu, when you level up you are 0 Dan 2 kyu. When you reach the 10th Kyu you will become 1 Dan 0 kyu. Ie if a character was 2 Dan 5 kyu he would be level 25.

You start with 3 weapons that you are able to equip, all of them are level 2 requirement and different stat requirements. Head out of the town either to the North East or West and begin punching wolfs. Click once to select the target and click again to begin auto attack or press A to begin attacking. If you find your character not auto attacking press the F key toggle auto attack on and off.

Soon as you are level 2 give out your newly gained stat points so that you can equip the weapon of your choice. Continue to pwn wolfs until level 3.

At level 3 you will be given a quest which is simply a delivery in town from 1 NPC to another this will reward you with 50 healing potions which will keep you going for a while.

Head on over to the east side of town and start to pwn boars, when you reach level 4 you will be given a quest find the farmer outside of the town on the east side he just wants some boars killed and will reward you with cash.

This is basically the premise of the quests you will receive throughout the game being notified at every level who to seek out is very easy to follow.

You will NOT have any skills until level 10, just keep grinding and progress to the north in the eastern area to find more difficult monsters.

**Important note the S key is the auto pickup hotkey very helpful**

Stat explanation

Increases physical damage, maximum life, weight capacity you can carry.

Hit chance, Dodge chance, Defense

Increase maximum chi, increase damage done from skills and defense versus skills


Chossing your class

Once you reach 1 dan (level 10) you will be able to chose your class..

Head to the south part of the town (dragon castle) there you will find all 4 class trainers simple speak to the trainer of your choice and select first job promotion and your done..

The classes are as follows.

The Hunter
Able to tame beasts (any1 can use pets but only a hunter can tame them and also receives bonuses to pet attacks)
Able to mine at higher level.
passive ability that increases defense by 6 per skill level.
Because of these abilities to tame and sell pets as well as mine later in the game the hunter is easily the richest character in hero.

The warrior
Has skills to increase both offense and defensive abilities .
A passive skill to increase stamina (max life).

The pharmacist aka priest
Receives skills to heal himself or others as well as cure status ailments.
Passive abilities that increase max chi and defense versus skills.

The assassin
Ability to stealth as well as detect stealth.
Passive ability to increase hit rate and dodge.

As well as the job skills you will receive visit the book dealer in town and purchase the skill book for your weapon of choice available at 10.

More skills can be purchased as well as earned at level 25 (2 Dan 5 kyu)

Each skill book contains 3-5 skills and each 1 of these skills requires the skill book to be at a certain level to learn. You click on the + icon beside the skill you wish to level up, once you have learned the skills within a book drag and drop them into your hotkey bar 1-8 keys for quick use.

Item upgrading / disenchanting

There are 4 item manipulation features you can use at the blacksmith in town.

This is upgrading items to +1 , +2 , +3 ect
chose Strengthening from the blacksmith and place the armor or weapon in the slot, there are slots for scrolls and tools to increase chances for upgrading ect I have not gotten any of these items before they are not necessary they just help.
Place an upgrade stone in the next slots placing multiple of 1 type increases your chances for success as well but does not add to the amount of added stats just the chance.
You can use different types of stones but not at the same time.
Reaching a +2 item adds a silvery glow to your piece of gear getting a +3 adds a golden glow and there are additional glows / effects as you get to higher +'s
**Note failing equals loss of the item and the upgrade materials**

Attempts to get an upgrade stone back out of the item and lower that item by -1.
Place the +x item int he slot and hit dismantle.
If you fail the item will receive a -1 on the item but no stone will be gained.
If you are lucky you will receive your stones back saving you some upgrades.

use a recipe of upgrade stones to create extremely powerful upgrade stones.
When you place a stone in the slot it will give you a formula using that stone.

there is 1 more option that I could not manage to get to work not sure what it does maybe is not working yet but I could not figure it out let me know if you know ill update this.



Once your level 10 head into the mystic highlands (highlands found north in the eastern side check your map (press the + key to maximize for easy use). Around level 18 head to the Venom swamp. Around level 25 head to the spire

In every zone there is a tavern which can be instantly teleported 2 by using the recall card sold at the taverns. These taverns are great for purchasing your hp / chi (mp) potions which are essential in this game as its a heavy pot / skill spamming game.

Aside from the obvious armor / weapons that can be purchased as you level up once you attain level 20 (2 Dan) you get to buy and use a horse which will make travel a lot better Smile

Once you get going in the game and you have some cash built up you can get to any zone instantly by using the games teleportation services.. All tavern NPC's have an option to teleport to the central market place this is a good place to set up personal shops but the real advantage to this place is talking to the guard where you enter the area. From the guard NPC you can choose to transport to any zone in the game and you will appear at that tavern dealer extremely handy. Between the teleports to the taverns and the cards to recall to the current zone tavern npc you never have to walk aside from heading out to the mob spawn you wish to grind in.

The escort warrior found in the dragon castle will start a very long quest line called chapter 1: demons there is a separate tab on your quest menu (Q) for this quest line. It is available at much lower level than it is doable however, I would suggest beginning this quest line at level 15, this quest line will run all game long even into the next regions but not till very high level, however this quest gives you a very nice weapon as a reward a little ways into the quest line and I suggest you get this done around level 18.

**Important notes for this quest line**
The holy physician is at the start of highlands area entrance.
The assassins tally comes from the assassins found at the renegade map located in the middle of the highlands (they are in stealth walk around untill u get jumped).
The mad physician is at the far east of the venom swamp about half way down the map.
The ancient blade drops from the ancient warrior found at 1 of the camps in the renegade area middle of highlands.
The NPC peony is found just west of the renegade camp in the mountains.


Guilds / houses / PVP / Second job quest / Extra job skill books

guild houses
Attainable at level 40 sorry I have not gotten level 40 so i cant really discuss this aspect yet

There are supposed to be hero wars as scheduled events they are not in the game currently and not sure on how they will be done.
There are zones such as mugol islands (high level) where there is fulltime pvp enabled between opposing guild houses.

Second job quests
Can be attained at level 50 once again not sure what is involved in the quests yet.

Extra job skills
There is a quest you can complete at level 25 to earn your second job based skill book as well as you can purchase the 2nd weapon skill book at 25, sadly this quest was not in beta phase 1 yet it might be in beta 2 we shall see but the 2nd weapon skills are awesome.
At level 30 all classes get the run abilities from the book dealer in town I'm only level 27 on my main char so I will have to comment on that after phase 2re-opens, I spent a lot of time getting 4 level 10 chars to test all the jobs / weapons Smile


Hero online is 1 of the best Free to play forever games and I hope you all enjoy it when it goes open beta and I hope this makes geting started a little easier for you all. I look forward to kicking your butts in the hero wars Smile

This post was made to try and help some newbs get into the game quickly without struggling on what they should be doing. I dont speak japanese Ive only played the first beta but I hope this info helps you guys. Lets have some fun with it.

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