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FAQ for the masses : Hero Online Submissions

Posted: September 3rd, 2006, 4:43 am

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Q:I picked the wrong job can I change it?
A: nope sorry you have to start a new character

Q:What is the highest level in the game?
A:10 dan or lvl 100 is the level cap.

Q:Where is the Mad Physician?
A:the Mad Physician is in Venom Swamp in the south eastern part near the cave.

Q:Where is the red illusion sergant?
A:The red illusion sergant is located in the far south almost center. go south and go down the wooden ramp to find him.

Q:How do I tame?
A: to tame you must be at least lvl 10 and a hunter. you must also be at least 1 level above the creature you want to tame. get the beast to around 10% hp then hit tame.

Q:How do I tame a mount?
A:To tame a mount parties are, for the most part, required. the exception is if you are a high enough lvl. you need to have paralyse on your weapons and having a physician helps with their para skills. use your tame skill once the beast hits about 1600hp and you should do fine

Q:How do I level my pet?
A:Combat pets and Mounts both gain exp every 3 minutes. Combat pets gain more exp the more they hit in the 3 minute time period. Mounts gain exp the more you hit in the 3 minute time period. if you dissmiss your pet the timer resets.

Q:My pet died what do I do?
A:use a dead spirits incence. you can buy them from the horse seller or from the tavern clerk in central market if you don't have any.

Q:How do I trade/party request/open a store?
A:Hold ctrl and then click the person you want to party/trade with and to open a store hold ctrl and click yourself.

Q:How do I do the puzzle of wisdom?
A:To do the puzzle of wisdom go around VS and put your books into the statues. if there is no sound when you insert the book, then retrieve it. but if there is good move on to the next statue.

Q:what are the answers to Physician trainer Bong's questions?
A:The answers are as followed: Number 3, number 2, number 1 in that order

Q:What is pet chi used for?
A:Nothing currently. lots of rumors but so far nothing

Q:What level do I get my second promotion?
A:you get your second promotion at lvl 50. each class has 2 styles to choose from.

Q:how do I drop quest items?
A:Go to dragon Castle and talk to the tavern clerk.

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Posted: September 3rd, 2006, 8:42 am

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