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guide to stat builds : Hero Online Submissions

Posted: October 6th, 2007, 9:33 pm
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When playing Hero Online, it's important to choose a stat build that suits your personality. Not doing so can result in an early delete of your character, and possibly the game. Use this guide to get a good understanding of the viable stat builds in Hero.

Stat Builds
The STR/INT Build
SHORT DESCRIPTION: The most common build, STR/INT can level up easily, and PvP well. Relies on defense armor and defensive skills for protection.
HOW TO BUILD: 147 STR, 15 DEX, rest INT. Add more STR as you see fit.

STRENGTH: Heavy skill damage, great skill defense.
WEAKNESS: Low defense to normal attacks.
SUITED CLASSES: Musa, Tracker, Slayer, Combat Medic.
SUITED WEAPONS: Blade, Spear, Axe

The STR/DEX Build
SHORT DESCRIPTION: The STR/DEX build is very rare. It can become almost impossible to level, but fighting one in PvP is a nightmare.
HOW TO BUILD: 50 INT, DEX for next weapon, rest STR.

STRENGTH: Heavy normal damage, great normal defense, high health.
WEAKNESS: Low defense to skill attacks, hard to level.
SUITED CLASSES: Musa, Slayer, Shinobi, Ranger, Combat Medic.

The DEX/INT Build
SHORT DESCRIPTION: The ultimate in leveling experience. While the DEX/INT build can't level as fast as STR/INT, it's a smoother ride. Also, can't PvP.
HOW TO BUILD: 50-80 STR, DEX for next weapon, rest INT.

STRENGTH: Great normal defense, great skill defense.
WEAKNESS: Low health.
SUITED CLASSES: Musa, Surgeon, Combat Medic.
SUITED WEAPONS: Sword, Bow, Throwing, Rod, Gauntlets.

The Pure STR Build
SHORT DESCRIPTION: More of a "for-fun" build, pure STR hits for big numbers, and is mainly for PvP only. It requires a lot of money for leveling up, so it's best suited as an alt character.

STRENGTH: Heavy normal attack, high health.
WEAKNESS: Low defense to all, no accuracy.
SUITED CLASSES: Musa, Slayer, Ranger, Tracker.
SUITED WEAPONS: Blade, Spear, Axe.

The Hybrid Build
SHORT DESCRIPTION: Everyone learns to hate it. Hybrids are only moderate in all categories, and that is their downfall.
HOW TO BUILD: STR for next weapon, DEX for next weapon, rest INT.

STRENGTH: Nothing is bad.
WEAKNESS: Nothing is great.

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Posted: October 7th, 2007, 1:42 am

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Please could people vote on this with yay or nay.

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