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Hero Online general FAQ : Hero Online Submissions

Posted: August 29th, 2006, 2:14 pm
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Haven't seen it anywhere and I think it will surly help ppl. (so many ask the same ol' questions).

General Hero Online FAQ

Q: Is Hero Online Free?
A: Free for life, no charges, no monthly fees. You only pay for the electricity for your computer.

Q: How to start raising your character?
A: Simply go and hunt some wolf pups

Q: Which character is the best? Ruthless Blade, Overseer of the Sky, Elegant Mistic or Piercing Eyes?
A: All characters are the same.

Q: At which lvl I can choose my job?
A: At 1 dan (10 lvl)

Q: Which job is the best?
A: It depends on how you raise the character (All jobs are good)

Q: Can my character take any job when it reaches 1 dan?
A: Yes it can.

Q: Can i change my characters job?
A: Yes, but only by transformaction paper (in hero tavern)

Q: Can everybody tame an animal?
A: No. Only hunters can tame.

Q: So how can i get a pet?
A: By buying from other ppl at marketplace or taking participation in tame party.

Q: Ok. I have a pet, but I can't get it out!
A: First you mt equip your pet. In inventory drag your pet to the pet slot (upper right side of window, where is a

image of the horse). Then you press "t" and it will get out.

Q: Does my pet need to eat?
A: Yes, it does.

Q: I've bought some pet food but it doesn't eat!
A: There are 2 kinds of pet food. Meat type and Vegetable type. Wolfs, Bears, ect. will eat meat type. Horses,

reindeers will eat vegetable type. Like in reality.

Q: Why my pet gain xp so slow? (using the "pet lvl up guide"). Is there any other way to speed it up?
A: No, there isn't.

Q: What will happend if i won't give food for my pet?
A: It's royality will drop

Q: What happends if my pets loyality drops by 0?
A: He will run away from you

Q: What happends if my pets loyality drops by 70?
A: He will not gain XP

Q:. Can physician cure its pet?
A: No, he can't

Q: Why I can't tame wild apes/Great black wolf/black leopards/poisned frogs/green vipers/etc.
A: Some pets cannot be tamed.

Q: I'm a warrior and I have a snow tiger. Why I can't mount on them?
A: Some mount pets can be used by one job. Warriors have Flying lions, Assasins have Great wolf, Hunter have

Reindeer and Physicians have Snow tigers. Only Horse can be used by all jobs.

Q: I hate clicking items dropped by the mob on the ground to take them.Is there any other way to take it?
A: Yes, you can press "s".

Q: Are there any other shortcut buttons?
A: Press "h" to see them.

Q: What are gems for?
A: For upgrading your items

Q: Where can i get them?
A: By buying from other ppl, mining or simply finding in mobs dropped items.

Q: Where can I upgrade items?
A: At Blacksmith. It's called "strengthening"

Q: There are 3 slots for gems. Is there any relationship if I use more or less gems?
A: It will affect on the chances of succeeding upgrade. The more you give gems the more are chances of success.

Q: WTF! I gave 3 gems and it haven't succeeded!
A: It's not 100% that it will succeed.

Q: Is there any chances for making it more succesfull?
A: You must buy a special item in Hero Tavern.

Q: Whats AOE?
A: Area of Effect. Allows you to target multiple enemies and attack them at once.

Q: Is Manual attack better then Automatic?
A: Only in ranged weapons.

Q: What's KS?
A: Kill Steal - When somebody attacks your mob.

Q: What's the Shao and Zhuang Sing above characters name?
A: It's the name of the Faction.

Q: What does it do?
A: When you PvP a char with diffrent fraction you gain karma.

Q: What's karma?
A: It's the prestige

Q: Does it do anything?
A: Currently, nothing.

Q: Do i have to join the faction
A: No, you don't

Q: I haven't joined any fraction, but I want to join a Shao/Zhuang house. Is it possible?
A: Yes it its.

Q: What should i do to make my own house (guild)?
A: Have 40 lvl, 10 milion gold and go to House manager in DC

Q: What are these cases?
A: There are a sort of gambling. There is a chance that you will gain a valuable price or loose.

Q: Is it worth opening?
A: Not always

Q: What's the diffrence between Yellow/Red/Green/White burning cases?
A: The price for opening and comparatively things you can get from them.

Ok thats all for now... I will try to add some in a short time :)

Hope it helped :)

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Posted: August 29th, 2006, 3:27 pm

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Can premium members say yay or nay to this being moved to a confirmed section.

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