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Hero Online Getting Started : Hero Online Submissions

Posted: June 21st, 2007, 6:14 pm

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To start off, choose whatever character you want. Once you have created your character you will then log on. You will notice some wepons that are in your inventory. Right click on the wepon that you want. Now your probally wondering '' get to the stuff i really need to know so I can fight.'' To get to the easiest monsters in the game look on your map and go outside of the castle. You will then see some wolf pups. To attack them double click or use ''v'' to select the target and ''a'' to attack the target. You will then get xp which is needed to level up.After killing about 8 wolf pups you will level up. You now can go to the top of the screen and click the box that is flashing that has a picture of a character on it. You now have a screen that has alot of stats on it. I would start off lvling your str some and your dex some. Keep training on these untill lvl 5. Now find the warthogs and bandits and kill them.Whenever you lvl, from now on, start lvling str,dex,and int.I like to lvl about 2 str for every 1 dex and 1 intelligence.When your a little bit higher you should lvl str 3 for every 1 int and dex. If you ever get a 5 element fortune case when your killing stuff,keep it, it will be worth it when you are higher lvl

Here I will include what to fight at what lvl:

lvl 1-5: wolf pups(by dragon castle)

lvl 5-9: warthogs and bandits(on the way to highlands)

lvl 9-13: black wolfs (north of bandits and hogs)

lvl 13-14: black wolfs( the ones in highlands with more hp)

lvl 14-16: bears(north of the wolfs in the highlands)

lvl 16-20: varies- I think I would go with renegades (highlands)

lvl 20-23: red illusion spearman and bowman (venom swamp)

lvl 24-26: poison toads (venom swamp)

this is all i will include for now

Here are more tips
In Hero Online it is very easy to make money if you know how to. There are a few examples that i will include: Opening 5 Element Fortune Cases. It cost 15k to open, but alot of times you get anoter case that is red,white, or blue, and it will be called glowing, flashing, and buring. I like to sell them at about 80-95k. the only one that I would sell higher than 80k is the Burning Red fortune case. TIP: leave your computer screen off and go do something else while you leave your sale running. You get the best luck selling overnight so just turn off your screen and make money!

Another way is just kill stuff. Pretty simple. Kill stuff,pick up money and bam you have money. Problem : when your lvl 15 or so you will have about 100k with this strategy and someone using the first strategy I showed you, will have about 450k

Hopefully you like my submission it took a while to make lol.

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Posted: June 22nd, 2007, 3:18 am

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Posted: August 2nd, 2007, 4:31 pm
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nay, it dont alwas work

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