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Lets Brainstorm : Hero Online Submissions

Posted: January 2nd, 2007, 5:02 pm
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Ok before you even THINK of flamming me for starting this thread, let me tell you I am a programmer and I do know what SERVERSIDE means. So that being said, lets toss some stuff our there and see what we get.....

I know that if you bypass Xtrap and look at hero.exe you can FIND stuff like GOLD (its in there 2 times for checksum I assume) This is listed CLIENTSIDE, cant change it but its there. Cant freeze it either. But I happen to have it on good standing that a dupe bug does exist and is being used. Now someone somewhere has some ideas how to dupe. Lets put our heads together and dupe. The way I understand what I have heard you MUST sell the dupped items to an NPC as they are not REAL but the gold you get from them is!

Now I am not making a claim that I can dupe, I am saying I know at least 2 players who do it and wont tell how. I have seen the items in trade window that they dupped. Cause NOONE can get 18 Gold Bars, No one!

Anyway, I am tryin to bring new life to this board, at least the HO section so chime in and give idea or rumors or direction we need to go.

I can tell you that when I played RS and EQ we had Java based proggies that did the most amazing stuff! There is NO reason we can't do that with HO, so lets get it started!

BTW if anyone has a Table Editor I want to look into the Tables, I have heard alot about people having some success at upgrading items by making all levels appear to be like +1 even at +7, so you still can fail buts every level is like adding clean to +1 chance! And I heard its in the tables! Not sure but I THINK (again not a claim) but I think that they are loading hero, jumping to DOS, copying THIER table over the real one and then doing the combine, I have HEARD that hero only checks the files at loadup.....

Anyway, thanks for all who read this, I am already a Premium Member so I don't need yahs or nays, what I need is Ideas! Don't flame each other, lets just throw out ideas and run with them!


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Posted: January 3rd, 2007, 1:08 am

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could we possiblly use CE or a UCE to change the values and stuff...
Im not that good with ce memory view but i managed to change to make my character when do make some weird attack and then the game crashed after about 10 seconds i think they have some sort of crc check

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Posted: January 3rd, 2007, 8:59 am
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I agree they check stuff serverside after the event, so knowing this we can exploit it. Like so, we "hack" an item and then DUMP it at the NPC get the gold and QUIT before the CRC check. This SHOULD and I HOPE give us FREE gold!


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Posted: January 3rd, 2007, 9:12 pm
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umm ok. let me tell you what i have heard and seen about dupe. Yes, it's possible to dupe. I dont know how they do it.

But i know that the dupe item and its original cant not co-exist in same account because they scan the ID of every single items u have everytime you log in. If they are the same, your char would b in ban list. A couple ppl got ban because of dupe. I cant say the names but trust me on that. ^^

Another thing, if u happen to see rare weird +5 or more on regular lvl mask, it would have high chance of getting wiped after the new maintaince. I bought 1 really weird +6 masks (its status was way more better than the Marble Dragon Mask + 5 Dragon Mask combine) from 1 weird funny char name. And yet, it was dissappeared somehow after the new path updated. Well, it was only cost me 15mil. I used it for like ummm 2 weeks. Worth it =P

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Posted: January 12th, 2007, 10:26 am
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Ok so I go to bed before the patch and leave my toon up in the market with 4 Violets on him all for sale and when I wake I am offline... no problem, relog and find that I am in the middle of DC (not at zone-in but in the arches in the center of DC) and all my stuff that was for sale is GONE! no money and all my inventory and bank is fine, trust me they would have taken that stuff! have 5 more violets, dragon scale Brace, 15 FT Weapons in the bank and on him, they would have cleaned him out...

So I dont think it was a hack of the account just a hack of the items in the sale window!

I sent a 1:1 and hope to see what the reply is. if they say hack then we know its possible, if they say server glitch then I will let you know as well...

lol the funny thing is I was never so happy to see my stuff go poof, gave me hope there is a hack we can use... lmao


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