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Leveling Guide 1-30 part 3 : Hero Online Submissions

Posted: May 30th, 2007, 8:15 pm
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(continued) Level 19: Try getting a party and going for spiders¿ this will work well if your party is supportive. You¿re not far off a mount so keep going!

Level 20: You have reached the ¿big¿ 2-0 and you are rewarded. You can purchase a horse from stable keeper ma at the north entrance of dragon castle. Get a new cuppa and head out to the highlands again.

Level 21: Continue what you have been doing, spiders are still a good choice. Try getting level 20+ and going to venom swamp via the tavern. DO NOT go to the beach or to the southeast, as you will die. Attack Black panthers and viragos.

Level 22: Same as before except this one takes longer. You may start thinking about plvling on beach then leaching. But I don¿t recommend it, as you will get flamed.

Level 23: YEA! You can now get a class mount, let me sum it up: Hunter: Reindeer, Assassin: Great Black Wolf, Physician: White Tiger, Warrior: Flying lion. Wait until level 25 to start joining taming parties and make sure you have about 3 hours on your hands when you¿re in one as this takes a long time. (NOTE: Hunters CAN tame all class mounts but only use reindeer!)

Level 24: Well continue hitting those panthers and start heading to the beach with your party¿ this could be done within a day as I did once. The beach is dangerous and as rod users are about to get 2nd AoE you will need to spam pots. (NOTE: The mad sword users on beach have skill attacks on players so watch for them.)

Level 25: 2nd skill book is now available so get it! Rod users will have 2 AoE but all class will now have one. Try to party other level 25+ and head to the beach and spam AoE and pots! The few next levels will fly by. You should also look for taming parties and have a good attitude to others. Don¿t leave once you have your mount¿ help them get there¿s as well.

Level 26: Start to spam your AoE and pots like mad. Also think about making your white dragon armour +3 and your level 29 weapons ready.

Level 27: Well now you need a new cuppa as this still takes a while, (NOTE: try to avoid the boss mobs on the beach, although relatively weak if they hit you, you will know with bad armour)

Level 28: Well you should have full armour for your level and boy it will feel good. You should think about levelling your pet.

Level 29: Yes your 1 level away and your tired, bored, drained, and the seat has moulded to your bum. So even more reason to push on.

Level 30: Here is the big 3-0. You can get the level 30-wind drift skill and if you increase it to level 5 you have the ability to jump on buildings and have fun. You can also get the Bear Mount¿ NOW to level mounts of any kind it¿s the amount of hits in the 3 minutes that gets you EXP and I find that you usually get about .20 percent in the time given.

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