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May or may not be a glich : Hero Online Submissions

Posted: January 2nd, 2007, 3:02 am
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So I'm doing the quest "Delivery to Dragon Castle" right? Everything's going smoothly, i get the quest started, pwn a couple of bears and marauders or whatever they're called to get the required items and hopefully finish the quest with no problems. I get to dragon castle and give the first of my delivery to the physician, no prob. Then I Skee-daddle over to the banker lady to give her her iron thingies......or so i thought..... I find out that it actually wasn't the banker lady that i was supposed to deliver to but infact, the guy who improves your weapons!!!! (for the life of me, i can't remember his title) DUN DUN DUUUUUN. But this was sometime in the future, so rewind back to the moment. I went back to the highlands and to the tavern to talk to the lady about our agreed contract, but she refused to talk to me!! So i go and kill a bear and interestingly enough, he gives me another required item! So i go through the whole process of collecting the items again and try to talk to the tavern lady again but she continually avoids talking to me about my issues and dismisses me with the cold shoulder. So i go to DC and try the bank lady and apparently she has no idea what i'm talking about, trying to give her some bear chops. This is when i went to find help, and when i came back with the knowledge of where everything is supposed to go (cause knowledge is power) i moseyed on down to the......weapon.....increaser.....and told him his iron kidneys were here but when i click on the deliver iron orbs option........nothing.....
At this point, I was already in the madhouse slobbing on myself and wondering why the sky suddenly turned into a malicious vision of a giant angry face but this.....this was just SICK. So now i was stuck with nowhere to go but.....nowhere..So the quest just sat there. While i was transferring some of my goodies to the bank later on, i wondered if i could transfer my q-items, and i could. Fast forward to when i created a second char and was custom training it to be str/dex (oh yeah!!!) and was transferring IT'S goodies to the bank (reminder that all created chars banks are connected) and thought to myself, what would happen if i used the quest items on this chars quest. So i tested it out and found that i could transfer the quest items to this char......but i didn't want to just begin the quest with all the required items though "I'd like you toh you got them already? That's cheating.....i'm telling" and then the gm ends up banning me for predicting the quest and preparing bear chops beforehand. So i put the items back in the back and now i'm currently about to see where this takes me when i get the quest. (oh, and grats to those who read the whole thing)

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