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Tips for newcomers to Hero Online : Hero Online Submissions

Posted: September 27th, 2006, 11:58 am
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In a Non-combative mode, you can wave your hand by typing [/hello, /hi, /bye].
In a Non-combative mode, you can make a sad expression by typing [/crying, /cry].
In a Non-combative mode, you can point a direction by typing [/there, /direction].
In a Non-combative mode, you can make a charging pose by typing [/charge].
In a Non-combative mode, you can make a victorious action by typing [/victory].
In a Non-combative mode, you can show a negative sign by typing [/no, /refuse, /deny].
In a Non-combative mode, you can show an affirmative sign by typing [/yes, /accept, /nod].
In a Non-combative mode, you can clap by typing [/clap].
In a Non-combative mode, you can cheer by typing [/cheer, /encourage].
In a Non-combative mode, you can show an angry action by typing [/anger, /mad].
In a Non-combative mode, you can laugh by typing [/laugh, /lol, /haha].
In a Non-combative mode, you can provoke someone by typing [/provoke, /incite].
These are tips for playing Hero Online. We hope it will be of help while playing.
A first made character has 4 Stat Points.
Don't forget to distribute them based on what weapon you're using.
Press the 'H' button to check out the Hot Key Help Guide.
You can show courtesy by typing [/greetings].
You can capture your screen by pressing the 'F10' button. It will be saved as a BMP file under the folder where Hero Online is installed.
Use your Stat Points to adjust your character's ability.
Quest is a mission that player must carry out. It's just like quests or missions in any other MMORPG games.
Quest items are not allowed to throw away or exchange.
Character information and Minimap windows can be moved by dragging them to a place you want.
Level indicates your level.1 Dan is equal to 10 Kyu, so 2nd Dan 5th Kyu means that you are level 25.
An Internal Injury is an abnornal condition of a character when they have an injury inside their body.
If Internal Injuries accumulate, the character will have suffer from decrease in both offense and defense stat points.
Skill Points are used to increase the level of the character's skill.
There are 3~5 moves in a Skill Book.
Stat Points are points you receive when you level up. They are used to increase Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence.
A' key is for action of attack. It is very useful when you'r using a bow.
C' key is for checking the character's specific information.
'I' key is for checking the character's equipment and inventory.
B' key is for checking the character's skill information.
P' key is for checking the character's pet information.
W' key is for swaping the character's weapon quickly.
G' key is for checking the character's House information.
'D' key is for checking the character's MD(Master and Disciple) information.
'Q' key is for checking the character's quest information.
R' key is for using the character's Movement skill.(needs to be learned)
'M' key is for opening and closing the minimap.
'S' key is for picking up near items that is possible to acquire.
X' key is for Combative Mode/Non-combative Mode conversion.
Z' key is for Meditation.
Meditation can only be used in Non-combative mode. It cures your Internal Injury and also increases the speed of Health/Chi recovery.
'Alt' key shows the name of items dropped nearby.
Clicking yourself while holding the 'Ctrl' key shows the menu of possible action.
Clicking someone while holding the 'Ctrl' key shows the menu of possible action.
Strength influences damage, vitality and weight that can be carried.
Dexterity influences defense, dodge rate, attack rate and general critical damage.
Intelligence influences skill damage/defense and Chi.
Party request can be done by clicking someone while holding the 'Ctrl' key.
Participating in combats with a party will give much more experience.
A party can include up to 6 players.
To open up a House, talk to House Administrator Yeo in Dragon Castle.
To be a House member, the House Master needs to invite the applicant.
The House Master can invite potential members by clicking them while holding the 'Ctrl' key.
A House seal has to be a 16X16 size, 24bit color BMP file.
1~8 number keys can be used as quickslots for using items and forms.
F1~F5' keys quickly convert to other quickslots. It will make it possible for players to register much more items and forms.
Completing special Quests and Scenarios for quests can be done through converstion with NPC's.
An Internal Injury is a critical wound the character receives in combats.
Characters with great Internal Injury receive a penalty.
Meditation can be used to cure Internal Injury.
Internal Injury accumulates when characters are exposed to skill damage and critical attack.
Skill and passive Skill Books can be obtained by quests or purchased in bookstores.
Skills are divided into weapon related skills and Job related skills.
Job skills are acquired through the specialty quests.
Inner Force skills are skills that constantly increases the character's ability.
Skill Points are given when a certain amount of experience accumulates. Use these points on Skills and passive skills to amplify the character's ability.
The camera's rotation can be done by using direction keys on the keyboard.
Zooming in/out with the camera can be done by using the 'UP/DOWN' button.
Click the wheel button on the mouse to convert the camera's 180 degree visual point.
To upgrade items, check out the blacksmith's Strengthen menu.
If you're trying to whisper, type '! ID message'.
When you're trying to speak to your party members, type '@ message'.
To use the Lion's Roar(Shout), type '# message'.
Chi is consumed when the Lion's Roar is used.
When you want to speak only to your House members, type '$ message'.
When you reach 1st Dan, you can choose your Job.
Job NPC's are located at the southern part of Dragon Castle.
Pet can be used when you attach it on you're inventory and use the pet calling button on the bottom left of the screen.
The pet control window is on the very left bottom. You can call it and also configure it behavior of action.
Pet has to be fed constantly so that it is not hungry.
If the pet is often hungry, their loyalty will start to decrease.
When the pet's loyalty becomes 0, it will run away from you.
A character who's Job is a Hunter will hunt pets more professionally.
Horses can be purchased at the stable, located in the north side of Dragon Castle.
Pet can assist in combat, or can be used as transportation.
Pet has to be put out to grow and its abilities relate to its growth.
On the map, low level monsters are set along the east side of town.
T' key is for summoning and dismissing of pet.
Use the mouse wheel button to check past conversation.
The chatting memory function allows you to record up to 20 lines you have written.
On the typing window, use the up/down cursor on the keyboard to load writings.
When managing a House, the House Master can appoint a House Vice-Master.
When managing a House, the Vice-Master can approve or deny their House's applicants.
Hero Battle will be held at a certain time.
Talk to the Hero Battle Administrator in [Dragon Castle, Highlands, Venom Swamp]and enter to participate in a Hero Battle.
Hero Battle has a level restrictions in each region.
A Lot will be obtained when you kill a monster similar to your level.
A Lot will give you an additional items and experience at a 50 kill interval.
Playing for long time can be harmful to your body, don't forget to take breaks every often.

Posted: September 27th, 2006, 12:02 pm
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Someone hit this with a google search for a C+P

Yay or nay?

Posted: September 27th, 2006, 12:47 pm

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CCCCCooooopppppyyyyy &&&&& PPPPPaaaaasssssttttteeeee

Copy & Paste i think u find. This seems to be all of the tips given out by the game. Rather stupid people would read them in game not here. Newcommers normally play the game and then find these sites

Posted: September 27th, 2006, 2:17 pm
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100% copy and paste. no doubt about it.
I vote Nay

Posted: September 27th, 2006, 3:50 pm
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So in-game c+p. Not gonna report this but locking.

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