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3rd Submission -BOSS DROPS- : KO Submissions

Posted: February 16th, 2006, 8:51 pm
m0rbid 0ne
m0rbid 0ne's Reps:
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We'll Start off Easiest Boss > Hardest with drops

Kekurikekukaka: Kekuri Belt, Kekuri Ring

Antares: Blast Scrolls, Scorpion Side

Hyde: Sword of the Dead

Skeleton Lord: Bone Club

Bone Collector: Skull Hammer

Lobo: Lobo Hammer, Staff, Pendant

Lupus: Lupus Hammer, Staff, Pendant

Lycaon: Lycaon Hammer, Staff, Pendant

Shaula: Scorpion Shield, Scorpion Bow, Tail of Shaula, chitin bow

Lesath: Chitin Shield, Chitin Bow, Tail of Lesath

Deruvish Founder: Opal ring, Agate Ring, Ruby Ring, Diamond Ring, Emerald Ring, Gold Ring, Silver Ring, Elf Ring, Crystal Ring, Platinum Ring

Dragon Tooth: Dragon Tooth Hammer

Javana: Javana Axe, Two-handed Javana Axe

Attila: Priest Pendant (currently bugged el morad on USKO, drops like Samma), EP, WP

Samma: Gigantic Axe, Two-handed Gigantic Axe

Harpy Queen: Feather of Harpy Queen, Magician Earring, Warrior Earring, Priest Earring, Rogue Earring.

Orc Bandit Leader: Holy Water of temple

The Big 4:

Snake Queen: Amulet of Curse, Amulet of Strength, Amulet of Dexterity, Amulet of Intelligence, Amulet of Magic Power, Amulet of Health, Elemental Necklace, Crystal Necklace, Iron Necklace, Amulet of Goddess, Blue Dragon Necklace, Red Dragon Amulet, Black Dragon Necklace, Green Dragon Amulet, White Dragon Amulet

Talos: Belt of Life, Mana Belt, Fire Belt, Ice Belt, Lightning Belt, Crystal Belt, Iron Belt, Bronze Belt, Glass Belt, Belt of Strength, Belt of Dexterity, Belt of Intelligence, Elf Belt, Belt of Curse, Skeleton Belt, Harpy Belt.

Troll King: Bronze Earring, Silver Earring, Gold Earrin, Crystal Earring, Platinum Earring, Elf Earring, Secret Silver Earring, White Silver Earring, Agate Earring, Opal Earring

Isiloon: Iron Belt (any info on drops would be appreciated)

Enjoy peeps

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Posted: February 16th, 2006, 10:28 pm
ractify's Reps:
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hyde is much easier than anteres

javana easier than dth

atilla no longer bugged

Isiloon drops ALL uniques and ALL shells

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