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Basic Macro & More : KO Submissions

Posted: August 11th, 2005, 8:18 am
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SetActiveWindow Knight OnLine Client
ObjVar 10
CommandDelay 90000
while 1=1
keys z
keys 1
keys 2

This is just a basic macro that I use occasionally...Im not quit sure if it will work with the macro programs that you use, but it works...All it does is first selects the target then uses skill 1 which I have as through shot for my archer than skill 2 which is minor healing...Its realiable and you wont get killed as easily as ones where you just target with z and then shoot with r.... And my mage friend uses this to 1-2 lard orcs so you can use it with more than one type of character.... :)
This is a basic guide that I wrote (or am writing right now :))

Steps for Leveling up (Human)
-First Level up to around 10 by yourself at worms and bulcans..Hopefully by now you have some money to use the portal
-Go talk to the lady near the inn that gives you the beginner helper quest
-You may also try some of the quests if you want some exp
-Go to the portal and go to elmorad castle (piana)
-Go to doda camp from the Piana portal, or beg people for money to use it if you dont have the money, or ask someone to walk you to doda camp.
-Look around doda camp for an Ash knight party or Dragon tooth party, even though your a newbie they might invite you because they will recieve manner points and you boost the exp they get each monster
-Once you reach lvl 25-30 you can go back to Piana and kill lycans, you should kill lycans because they drop +8 weapons which is probably better than any weapon you have now..So if your a mage hopefully you will get a +8 staff, or a +8 stilleto or +8 bow for a rogue, +8 two handed sword for warrior, and +8 maul for priest....Also its just cool to have a +8 item because they glow...
-Then you can Continue to level at doda for basically the rest of your KO characters life, but you can do other things..
-Also talk to every NPC thats not a merchant, incase they have quests for you to do...
-Once you get around level 45 you can try to get into a harpy party (especially if your a mage or rogue, because Harpies drop mirage daggers which is the 2nd best dagger for a rogue, and most harpy parties consist of mages which aoe (area of effect) the harpies and kill a lot at the same time) The harpies are located at eslant, just use the portal to get to eslant gate, then follow the path that goes past the haungas and cross the birdge, then you will see some sort of gate with I believe harpies on them...
-Also around level 40-50ish you can try to get an Apostle party, this is good because they give around 10,000exp and give pretty good items once in a while
-By now if your 45+ you should be in a clan.
-Once you reach level 50+ try to get a Stone Golem party started. This is really good because stone golems drop chitin armor quite often and even rarer items....
-Once you have a good clan if you do you should also go try to kill some bosses...This can be challenging because you have to find out around what time the boss last died, like if attila died at 3pm it will respawn at 11pm, and you need to know all of its spawn locations...

Well thats all I got for now its a really rough guide but I wish I had something like this to help me when I first started, instead of me leveling at Moradon until like level 35 when I could have had some really good guys level me :?
How I get a lot of National Points Guide :D

This is a guide on how I got a lot of NP at low levels...

First off you need to participate in lunar wars...When you start the lunar war dont go running off with everyone else just sit back and let them do the killing (very easy thing to do) then hopefully your Race won (which mine always does ofcourse) you run to the Victory Gate at the Orcs/Humans fortress thing, and hopefully you can avoid the orc guard...Then once your in the enemies nation wait a while then once you take over a monument try to go in a big group to that monument and if you get there and dont die just sit there with everyone else and let the monument bless you...Also don't forget to talk to the knight clerk about the lunar spy thing...

This is a guide for newbie character trying to earn national points...I did this with a new character and was able to earn 500 national points and 500k gold from just doing this, and that doesn't count the 700 nation points and 400k exp I got from doing the lunar war and dark lunar spy quest...
How not to spend cash Teleporting to Moradon (very simple)

-All you have to do is find someone and challenge him to an /individual_battle..Then just get out of the arena and your in Moradon, for free!
Untested Way to Dupe

Well people have told me this works...When the server is going to restart and is saying "Server will restart in 70 seconds" wait a while then /save and then right after you /save trade the item you want to dupe with a friend and then you will get disconnected shortly after you trade it..So hopefully when you do it you Trade just after you /save and also trade just before the server restart....

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