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Beginner Guide Easily To Level 30 and 500k! {{El Moridians}} : KO Submissions

Posted: June 25th, 2006, 7:47 pm
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So... You're new to Knight Online, and you need a bit of help?
Well this is the right place to be!
In this guide you will learn to Achieve Level 30 Easily, Get 500K, How to make an astounding amount of money, and where to go to get the maximum quotient of experience points. Remember... This is for El Moridians!(humans). Let us begin.

1-._.-._.-._ Starting Out:
You will start at Moradon, a small town that includes Weapons, Upgradable Weapons, Armors, Upgradable Armors, Accessories, Inns, Storage, Quests, Sundries, A Magic Anvil, a Hell Scroll keeper, potions, gates, specialty choosing, and plenty more!
The First thing to do is talk to Proconsul. You do that by clicking him, walking to him, then right clicking him. Select the New Warriors Quest. He will tell you to go outside, and get 5 [silk bundles]. You can get these from fighting an assortment of monsters. Blood Worms, Earth Worms, Worms, and Snatchers. I reccoment Worms and Blood Worms. Blood worms are a bit strong, so be ready. How, you may ask? First, Click Skills at the bottom of the screen. Your first skill will be useful. Warriors and Rouges get an ability called {Sprint} that increases your running speed. Mages get Flash, a fire based spell. Last but not Least, Clerics get Tiny Healing, which recovers 15 HP. Right click an ability's icon, to add it to your quick select list. You press the number of the skill or item that is in your Quick Select list to use it. Which beings us to the Inventory Tab, click it. Right click on the small red vials. those are health potions, and each recovers 90HP. Now, head outside and kill your prey! After recieving 5 [silk bundles], head back to Proconsul. Tell him you have brought back the items he asked for, and he'll give you a nice weapon, and 10 Health Potions and 10 Mana Potions. After that, it's time to level! Kill anything you can handle. Bandicoots, Worms, Bulcans, Bultures, and Gloomwings/Gavolts are just some of the species you'll find to fight. Just Kill Kill Kill, and if you die, you'll lose a small amount of EXP, but nothing dramatic :).

2.-._.-._.-._ Level 10.
Once you get to level 10, it's time to tell you what to do. Click Character. Once thing I didn't mention was you recieve 3 Attribute Points to upgrade your stats. Of Course, you know what each is for what. STR= Attack, DEX=Agility, HP= Health, MP= Magic Power, INT= MP amount. So, Upgrade Accordingly. Also once you get level ten, you should sell what you don't need and try to make 3k. type /town when you get to level 10, and head to the left. find Captain Kunabari, and talk to him. Ask him to change your specialty, and this wil unlock greater and stronger new abilities! Now, it's on your time to check which abilities you want in the future. So take the time to view all the abilities for each Special, Such as Mages have Flame, Glacier, and Lightning. After that you should go up the nearest stairs, and find Seith[Special Store]. Sign up for the beginner helper event, and go outside again. Accept ANY INVITE YOU GET, for it may be a PL to help you. Remember at each level to Distirbute each Attribute and Skill point.

3-._.-._.-._Level 20 and 500K
Once you get Level 20, head to town and head right. Click and right click the Teleportation Gate. Selevt the El Morad Castle. This is where everything gets complicated. First of all type /seeking_party to seek a party. I'll skip all the complications :3. Now, I would reccomend, again, to accept all invites because there is alot of people give GREAT parties. Such as Harpy Parties. I REALLY reccomend looking for them. The Harpies give 4-6k EXP per, and a party can kill 2-7 each set in a couple seconds. Also dts's (Dragon Tooth Skeletons). Those give 1-4k Each. Go outside and kill spoilers. and remember to set your respawn points, which is smack-dab accross from the Teleportation Gate! Once you get Level 30, you'll recieve 500K if you signed up for the beginner helper event.

4-._.-._.-._ MONEY, MONEY, and MORE MONEY!
Well! Here you are, the last section. To Get the MOST Money you can, follow this small section. From MORADON, head outside. Head either forward, and left to the corner of the island, or forward and right, after crossing 2 streams. Kill GIANT GAVOLTS in those areas, and recieve [Gavolt Wings]. Those Gavolt wings, Mages buy for 100-500k each! So Fight, Fight, Fight! It will take a while, but it is definitely worth it.

Thank you, and Good Luck in Your Adventure. Reccomend My Guide to Friends and Tault if you found it at all helpful. Happy Questing, Fighting, and Magic Casting!

~ Jesus Rivera
~[Tault Name: malchior12]~

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Posted: June 25th, 2006, 11:20 pm

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