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Class Builds : KO Submissions

Posted: December 30th, 2005, 6:58 am
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Rogue Builds


Armored type

Stats points

Get full dex till you hit lvl 35
Get 82 health or 90 health your choice (to wear full plated pauldron or chitin pauldron)
Then get dex to 255 (or close to 255)
Then pump health again if u got any points left

Pro : You have more hp, more def
Con : You do less dmg and might miss from time to time (minor lost for both)

Unarmored type

Stats points
Get dex to 255
Get health with the spare points after

Pro : High dmg and never miss
Con : Less hp, less def, killed in a huge free for all or in boss hunt (well faster then the other type, but again, its only a minor lost)

Skill points both need the same skill points

Get 15 archery at start (through shoot and multi shoot)
Get 35 explore (evade, then safety then lupine eyes)
Get 60 archery (to get the higher dmg skills)
Get some more explore with the points left (to possibely get scaled skin)


Same build then Armored archer :

Stats points

Get full dex till you hit lvl 35
Get 82 health or 90 health your choice (to wear full plated pauldron or chitin pauldron)
Then get dex to 255 (or close to 255)
Then pump health again if u got any points left

I personally dont suggest an unarmored type since u dont have a long range advantage like archer

Skill points

Get 15 assassin (to get 200% dmg skill)
Get 10 explore (to get evade, +200 def for 10 seconds)
Get 35 assassin (if u cant put all your points in assassin, put them in explore, but put them in assassin first)
Get 30 explore (get safety, +400 def for 10 seconds)
Get 45 assassin (get stealth, 1 min invisibility with mouvement)
Get 35 explore (get lupine eyes, allow your party to see invisible players)
Get 55 assassin
Rest goes to explore


Warrior Builds


Level 1-45
- Two ways to do this:
1.) Defense/Attack: put all in defense when you can't put anymore put into attack. I recommend this for most people unless you don't mind wasting like 2 mill or whatever reskill is at lvl 44. Since it only takes a few days to hit 45 I'd just do it this way method 2 won't help you level that much faster.
2.) Attack/Berserk: Allows you to get pain killer which is nice I guess because then you don't have to use pots. But you have to waste money to reskill so its cheaper to just go def/attack

Level 45-60
1.) Defense/Attack - 45 in defense rest in attack. Some people put 50 into defense for the teleport. UP to you I prefer 45 in def.

Level 60+
at lvl 59 and 99% 17 mill gold will buy you re-skill to Attack/Defense you can get Sword dance now and do your master quest.

Some people will just keep provoke and get SD at level 62 its up to you. I'm telling you the way I like to do it. I have a level 61 Warrior on beramus.

Put 90 into HP and rest into strength. At level 59 Put 1 point into HP and 2 into STR at level 60 put 3 into HP so you have 94 HP and can wear shell armour. After 60 its up to you. I go for strength.


I'd go for HP +6/10 CHitin set for tanking bosses and towers, STR +6/10 Set for pking, get chitin goblin pauldron if you can 10 str, HP bonus and Resistance. If you get shell i'd make it 6/10 STR.

2 handed: 2 handed is best for PK Totemic Spear +6/60 or 7/70 and a +6 or 7 1 handed Gig axe rocks for pk. and the gig axe gives HP bonus which is nice and Dex bonus for accuracy.

Single wield: Go with Glave or Raptor (Raptor best) Go for +6/60 or +7/70 good luck upgrading be careful lol. Raptor is dropped from Abyss gems (you know what i mean) and Dark Mares.

At lower levels HP absorb Halberd is OK i guess for xping on apos/derus it has like 122 attack. SOme people like it I don't i just use pots.


These will make the difference in your warrior: Getting these is gonna be hard you either have to be rich, be in a top clan which can getr them for you or solo bosses or have a few friends who can do bosses with you.

STR and HP +9 accessories gotten from Abyss burning skeletons and ghost warriors (I think Ghost warriosr have best drop of +9)

Iron Belt: Dropped from Talos: (you need full party to kill him some people have done it with 5 or so people in party but on average a skilled full party or even two parties is needed. Use your +10 HP aromour to tank have priest spam heal u I'll leave it at that this isn't a boss guide.) IB gives 10 resistance to all melee weapons (dagger, spear, sword) so it rocks and other bonuses

Iron Necklace: Same as iron belt I beleieve never had one only like 2 on beramus server. YOU can just look up their stats on the webpage if you want.

Amulet of Strength: Talos, + 15 STR and I think 20 defense or something.

Lupus Pendant: Dropped from lupus in CZ bowl, + 10 STR, 30 LR, and 20 Def (what i have right now)

Rings: Use ring of Courage

Earrings: use Warrior earring or Platinum earring I think its called The one that gives HP, STR and Def

Guess thats about it:

A few things for beginners:

TANKING: tanking means you are like a tank you take the damagea nd a priest spam heals you. THis is done with bosses such as Talos and Harpy queen ( and if your really really good Troll King and have lots of HPs) and its done in CZ when you raid the enemies base. You run up and tank 4 towers and a priest spam heals you so others in your party can nova or waht not and not be hit by towers.

Apos/Derus: NOTE they hit with lightnign so use goblin armour well the 3 pieces that give STR (helmet, pauldron, gloves) AC doesn't matter.

Its easier to kill w/ sworddance tanking then sliding and spamming it but if the persons moving you don't have a choice. Learn how to combo, pracitce on hellhounds they are near kalluga down the hill where Grells are.

Master Quest: at level 60 you can do your master quest. DO it ASAP becuase it significantly increases your Attack pwoer like 300 or so. I heard its 30% increase and you get a def bonus when your HP drops below 30% or whatever it is.

UNDYING TRICK: when you get enough hps for undying always put on your HP armour when they cast undying on you. it will add 60% hp based on what your max HP is when it is casted then remove your HP armour and put on your STR armour for some PK.

Preist Builds

Priests are probably the most versatile of all classes because you can do so many different things with them.

There are a few more common types of priests: buffer/healer and debuffer/healer and buffer/healer/debuffer and healer/debuffer.
For a buffer/healer, you could make a tank, wearing chitin with high hp and def. For a tank, put enough into int so you can wear at least chitin +7, enough into str so you can wear a good shield (although if you get a really good shield such as a chitin sheild, you won't need very much. I usually say that 100 str is enough) and the rest into hp. You can fool around with this too by adding int if you want more mana or str if you want to use a hard hitting weapon.

You can always fool around with the stats too. For example, a priest that can only wear full plate armor but has 120 points into hp would still be very strong.

For a debuffer/healer, I suggest making either a battle priest (all stat points into str) or a tank. With no buffs, you'll probably want to just kill the enemy, and with debuffing, a battle priest can hit even harder than usual. You could also make a tank so you can debuff people (which allows your party members to kill the enemy) while still taking a few hits. Either way, you can also rezz people, making you very popular

The buffer/healer/debuffer is most common for a battle priest. This way, you can take hits, heal a good bit, and use small debuffs. Usually, there are 3 points put into debuff and the rest is distributed normally.

The healer/debuffer is usually made with a set purpose or switched to at level 60. What I mean by a set purpose is that full healers are made to be a part of something. If your clan needs a good healer in colony zone, you could make one. If a level 6x warrior wants to farm Dark Mares, you could kill them with just 2 ppl. Or, a full healer is good at level 60, because not only do they have the full party heal (great for colony zone), but they can also make potions and sell them for a ton of money.

For a tank, obviously use hp gear. The ideal gear would be probably +7/12 hp armor, a shield with at least 120 defense and bonuses, and unique hp accesories (agate rings, belt of life, elemental pendant, etc.) You should also have several different weapons to use. One should have an hp bonus for even more hp, one should have an int bonus for more mana to buff and heal, and one should be a weapon to do SOME damage (it won't be very high unless it's a good dragon tooth hammer or priest impact)

For a battle priest, you should have several sets of armor. Since you put everything into str, you should have an int set so you can keep a party buffed and healed, a str set for doing damage, and an hp set for taking hits. The best weapons to use are hammers/maces until level 60. Swords, spears, and axes are all reduced in attack power before level 60. You should probably have an mp abosrb hammer for a solid party and a stronger hammer (large hacker +6/60, totemic club +7/70, etc.) for dealing better damage. After level 60, you should use 2 handed swords (durandels, mirage swords) for dealing damage. Also, don't be annoyed if your priest doesn't do much damage at first. A level 44 battle priest may hit another player for 200 damage, but a level 45 battle priest can hit another player for at least 400 damage (depending on the items of course). The prayer of god's power increases your attack power by 50%, so it's about twice as good as "wolf". Your jewelry should mainly be things that give str and def (lupus pendant, diamond rings, opal earrings, etc.)

This guide is approaching critical mass, but I have just a little bit more to say (promise just a little). So really, you just need to play with the stats and find out what will work for you. You can make a 1/2 battle priest with most points into str and some into int or hp . You could make an all int priest so you'd almost never have to use a mana pot. You could put all of your points into dex so your priest can use shards (I personally wouldn't suggest this but... ) The possibilities are endless!!

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