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Duping guide : KO Submissions

Posted: June 15th, 2006, 3:37 am
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Duping guide

The general concept is quite simple. You need two characters: yourself and someone you TRUST. You place the item(s) to be duped in your inventory. In the chat/command interface you type /save to execute a client induced save of your current character to the server. You then trade the item(s) to your friend. You now need to force a server induced (SERVER SIDE) disconnect and hope for a rollback. If you have successfully forced a server side disconnect and received a rollback, when you log back in the item(s) that you previously traded to your friend are back in your inventory, and they are still in your friends inventory as well. Not all server side disconnects produce rollbacks, therefore you usually have to do this multiple times to have a successful dupe. Keep in mind that timing is everything, therefore this whole process should be completed as quickly as possible.

First of all, there are many announced opportunities for duping. http://www.KnightOnlineWorld.com announces scheduled maintenance times via there website. If you and your duping partner continually pass back and forth a valuable item(s) a few minutes before the server boots you for scheduled maintenance, each doing a /save after he receives the item, it is very likely that you will receive a rollback and both you and your partner will each have the item(s).

Lag is a key factor in successfully forcing server side disconnects. When actually playing the game, it is desirable to find the server with the least amount of lag. But, when trying to dupe, find the server with as much lag as possible (the server with the most players on it at the time). Secondly, find a highly populated area (hence more lag) to perform your dupes (Colony Zone, Desperation Abyss, etc). Finally, create as much lag as you can between you and the server (simultaneously run P2P programs, Download large files from high bandwidth sites, etc.). By experimenting and trial and error, you will find ways to successfully create server side disconnects at a reasonably decent percentage.

Attempt duping during peak usage hours when the servers are packed. Go to the Desperation Abyss. I am a Karus character, so therefore I try a find a room that is dominated by all El Morad characters (usually one of the worm rooms will do). As I look at my latency stats, I can already see its a bit laggy in here. I go in the room and pick a fight with as many people as I can, (especially the highest levels I can find) and I let them kill me. I go back to the room and do it again. I then, go back to the room and do it again. By now I have got their attention, and they are waiting to blast me as soon as I enter the room. Now I have an item ready in my inventory and my fellow duper friend and I go into that room again. As soon as we enter the room I do a quick /save, then quickly trade, and then I hit the EXIT game button and prepare to hit select character. If I time it perfectly, I will get a server side disconnect because I hit SELECT CHARACTER right as I was getting attacked (Note: you cannot exit while being attacked, therefore timing is critical.)

To make this a bit easier and more consistent, find a third friend of the opposing nation to actually do the attacking. This way you can tell him when he sees you enter the room to give you exactly 5 seconds to /save then trade before he starts attacking you. That way, you can find a room with no one in it, and not have to predict when the attacks are going to come.

I hope this helps you.

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Posted: June 15th, 2006, 2:57 pm

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copy and paste but without all the information just some of it from http://superdupesxxx.tripod.com/id2.html

need some votes on this still

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