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EZ Levelin Guide : KO Submissions

Posted: October 2nd, 2006, 9:27 am
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Basic Guide to EZ Leveling a guide Made by my buddie richard

This is a basic general outline for all the classes:

Level One:
You will start out in Moradon. Take a minute to familiarize yourself with the controls. Then, open up your inventory by either pressing I on the keyboard or click on the Inventory button at the bottom of the screen. Equip the knife/staff/maul/sword by right-clicking on it. Run forward then left down the stairs. Go out into an area with a bunch of worms. Ignore the "Snatchers," "Carrion Crawlers," and "Bandicoots" for now. Find the "Worm" monster. Target it and hit the "R" button on your keyboard to attack it. If you are a mage don’t attack it directly. Instead, open up the Skills menu (click the Skills button) and drag and drop the icon for the "Flash" spell onto the hotbar. Now select the worm and press the corresponding hotkey (I set it to 1). Your mage will do a casting animation and the worm will die in one hit. Run up to the worm and click on the little treasure chest that pops out, and click on all the items in it. You will always get a little money, and sometimes an item. Right now you are looking for an item called the "Silk Bundle." Keep killing worms until you have five silk bundles. As you kill worms, notice that the little white bar in the upper left corner keeps growing (along with a percent number). This is how close you are to leveling up. If the bar hits 100%, a while aura will form on your character and you will gain a level, some HP and Mana, along with 3 stat points, as well as 2 skill points if you are over level 10 (You will always gain stat points but you will only get skill points if you are over level 10). If your health runs low (extremely doubtful), type "C" to rest and regain health and mana. When you get five silk bundles, type /town to get back to the middle of town. Find the NPC called Proconsul and left click then right click on him. If there is some idiot standing on him, hit "B" to select the nearest NPC (so stand near him). Select "New Warrior’s Mission" then "I have brought the items" on the menu that pops up. Congratulations! You have completed your first quest. You will get a knife/maul/staff/sword depending on your class, 10 HP and 10 mana potions, along with some experience points.

Level 2-5
Now that you have your new weapon, it’s time to kill a few Snatchers. If you are a rogue/cleric/warrior, just run up and hit him a few times, but as a mage, your spell doesn’t do enough damage to kill a Snatcher in one hit. Instead, use the "Kiting" tactic I described above. It will ensure that you don’t take any damage. Repeat until you hit level five.
Hopefully, you will have found an Opal or Crude Sapphire while you were hunting. If you find one, sell it to a shop for a nifty profit of 100k (Opal) or 150k (Sapphire). This money is very useful for starters, because it will enable you to buy some armor or a new weapon.

Level 5-10
Hopefully by now you have some armor and a decent weapon. It is time to hunt Kecoons. Get back to town, but this time exit out the middle gate instead of the right gate (the one you first ventured out of). Keep walking forward until you see little green monsters (men?!) walking around. Select one. If it says "Kecoon Fighter," you are good to go. Kite them or melee them until you hit level 7. Then, run off to the left and find a monster called the "Bulture." Hunt these for a while until you collect a few "Bulture Horns." This is a quest item for later, but keep it because you will need it.
When you hit 10, go to Captain Kunabarl and choose your specialty!

Level 10-15
You should have at least a good weapon by now and enough stat points to wield it (unless you are a warrior). Mix Bultures with Kecoon Captains as you work your way up. Also, go to Captain Kunabarl again and ask to Duel the Ork. The Orc Prisoners are easy as heck to beat, and you get 5k XP and 30k reward. At 15, start killing Werewolves (collect a Fang of Wolfman for a quest later).

Level 15-20
Werewolves should be mostly what you hunt. Keep the Fangs of Wolfman, you will need them for later. If you are a defense warrior, buy some HP/mana potions from the potion vendor, make sure your defense is 300+, and hunt solo Orc Watchers (be careful, they have low Hitpoints and Defense but they HURT) (Can hit up to 100 damage if you have low armor). Your 300 defense should lower their hits to ~30-40. If you are a Rogue/Mage you should not have any problem soloing them, Rogues especially. If you are a fire mage wait until you have at least the Fireball spell (Level 15, but you need to be 17 in order to get it). It is best if you also have Ignition (You can just Fireball-Ignition for a guaranteed kill). Orc Watchers drop the Ork Talisman, which should complete your collection (1 Bulture Horn, 1 Fang of Wolfman, 1 Ork Talisman). Go to Offerings Trader Kim and turn them in for 100k and an Upgrade Scroll.

Levels 20+
At this point, consult the guides that I have listed for class-specific tips. Do the Gem of Bravery quest from Captain Kunabarl at level 20. Kite for Archer Rogues/Mages, Melee for everyone else. Also, do the Scroll of Seal Quest from Nashira the NPC for 300k worth of items/cash

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Posted: October 2nd, 2006, 9:39 am

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what a surprise. starts at section 7

submitted for ban

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