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Forgoten Temple Bug: Beat it easly : KO Submissions

Posted: October 19th, 2005, 3:23 am
mataporcos's Reps:
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Ok, heres a bug that can be exploited to beat forgoten temple (FT) event, with reletevly easeness.

Thise bug is used on lvl 60+ FT, i don t know if it works on the low lvl FT as well, but most lickly it does too, fell free to test it too.

1st way to do it:

Go into FT event with a mage friend, now that mage friend must run into the middle square of the FT scenario, more a less in the center, now he TPs u into that sqare, after u were TPed, stay still and don t move.

What will hapen is that the monters, will not detect u, and so beeing won t atack u, so u can survive till the end of it.

Now mages just got to nova the monsters till death, but remenber if u move the monters will see u again, and so, they will kill u.

2nd way to do it: (theory, not tested yet)

Now, i think theres a 2nd way to thise invencibility trick on FT, but thise one is just a theory, i m not sure if it will work.

Heres how i got into it:

Once, i watched thise player, who was not ataked by the monsters either, but for my surprise, he was not tped by a mage to the center square, what he did was just, stay completly still from the moment he got in, so the theory is:

U get in FT, u just take ur hands out of the key board and mouse, and don t move a inche from the place u first apear inside the FT, and theoricly, monsters will not tack u either.

Now, carefull abusing thise glitch, cause u can be banned for doing it, but i m sure u all allready know that.

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Posted: December 16th, 2005, 6:06 pm
grant_monster's Reps:
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I have heard of this it sounds awesome can anyone else prove this?

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Posted: December 19th, 2005, 8:14 am
raziel19's Reps:
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yeah lol this is an old method...i used it too ...was used to beat the ft many times til they closed the event...u stay and wait 25 mins and in the last 5 mins u kill all monsters left...usually lower lvl monsters :)

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