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Guide for Everything but cheats in ko : KO Submissions

Posted: June 18th, 2006, 12:42 pm
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Ok im praying ill get free premium . I dont know any cheat programs so im just gonna make non cheat guide.
There are 4 things im going to tell u about in this guide. They are Comboing, Lvling, Money Making,and Pking,

Comboing is for any melee character that has skills. This is important because you get one r hit and u do skill attack. This does not include archer. There are 4 types of combos of what i know and illl them to you now.

W R combo. This is my favorite combo because you get to also slide while doing this.This is good for pking. First you hold down W. After that you press down R while pressing a skill .

W R S R Combo. This combo is also called the tanking combo. This is probably best for bosses xping because more damage and u cant slide bosses. You do this by holding down W for quick second then do skill plus R then go press S Then do skill + R then repeat this and oppodent will die easily.

S R Combo. Best for avoiding archers good for everything bassicly instead of pking non archer. Hold down S press r then skill.

Skill R R combo. Worst combo in my book horrible timing and everything. Press skill then rr reapeat.

Combo is a must in PK so u got to learn this stuff quick.


Lvling is very hard for some people because they are confused but this will make it easy. There are 2 places that help people lvl they are Eslant and Colony Zone. Eslant has all spots open and Colony Zone has more spawns.

First what monsters u should do for lvl. (This is 30+ btw no chicken crap in this guide)
Warrior. 30 to 35 Smilodons skellys if u get lucky ash knights.

35 to 40 Ash knights Only these are solid xp for this lvl.

40 to 50 Deruvish. Apostle if lucky. These most solid lvling in game so dont say this bad xp.

50 to 60 Deru, Apostles, Trolls, Harpys melee. These fine xp just do these and you will be fine.

60 to 70. This is very hard, but here are solid lvling makers golems,Trolls, Ravens, Crimsons, Falcon harpys, and apostle are pretty good. At lvl 61 you get half xp per kill so be ready for hell.

Priest This guide is for heal because i think is best build for easy lvling and quick.
30 to 33 Smilodons Skellys.

You know have 960 heal congrats now lvling is easy.

33 to 40.Ash Knights only solid xp.

40 to 45. Deruvish Deruvish Deruvish.Great xp
Now you are in the big leagues you have 1960 heal!

45 to 60. Deruvish, Apostle, Trolls Golems, Harpies anything!

60 to 70. Golems Apostle Trolls Raven Crimson Falcon Harpies

Mages. Mages are the kings of lvling they can solo and they have Area Of Effect spells and have lightning resistance. In this guide this is for ice/light mages.Ice can slow down enemys.

30 to 33. Dusk orcs Solo dont do these in party, Smilodons, Skellys.

33 to 40 Ash Knights

40 to 60. Harpies Deruvish Apostles. People will invite you into Harpy partys because you have AoE and they will invite for deru apos because you have lightning resistance.

60 to 70 Crimson AoE Falcon AoE Raven Aoe harpys.

Assasin. Sins have swift so they are good in all partys.

30 to 35. Smilodons Skellys,

35 to 40 Ash Knights

40 to 50 Harpies. Only swift in these party + loot.

50 to 60 Apostles Harpies Deruvish Trolls.

60 to 70 Golems Trolls Apos.

Archers. This is for solo only .

30 to 35 dusk orcs.

35 to 40. Lard orcs.

40 to 50. Uruk Hia

50 to 70. Uruk Trons and other Uruks.

Well now that we got that over this is abbreviations for monsters.





Ash Knights-AK

Uruk Trons-Trons
Thats pretty much it for Lvling so on to Money Making

***Money Making***
I can go all day on this topic but im only going to do Monsters Upgrading And Bosses.

There are some monsters in this game that are good for money making and im gonna tell you them by lvl

30 to 40 Abyss. Do cave leeches and pick up abyss gems then sell them for the price on your sever.

40 to 50 Lamias and Golems for good weaps and other crap.

50 to 60. Golems Raven and Crimson Wings Fallen Angles and other Shell droppers.

60 to 70 ANYTHING

In KO there is something called the anvil this is one of the best money makers. This is what you do you buy something upgrade it to 6+ with scrolls. Walla you have more money then what you started. NOTE this is very risky process.

Bosses are great money makers for 55+. Eslant and CZ are kings for bosses. Eslant you need clan or big party for because of harder bosses but they have better drops.Cz bosses you can do solo and they have good drops.

Im gonna Name some of the bosses that are good.

Troll King

Snake Queen

Harpy Quenn





Deruvish Founder


*** Pking***

Pking Is very important for high lvl players.Im going to tell you about 3 things for pking CZ Wars Skillz.

Cz is the pking place in the game. There are good spots to pk in cz and im gonna tell them to you.

Dms Mastadon Golem area.

Troll apos harps.




OBO spot

There are 3 wars. They are CSW LW DLW.Dlw is for 30 to 50. Exepect to get killed by if this is your main because people have pimped out chars here.CSW is for clans you try to make yourself the most dominant clan in server. LW is 30+ expect to get novad to hell in this war.

Skills are very important . They are targeting comboing and your job.

Targeting is very important because you dont want to run into a full shell warrior. These are the best targets in order

1. Bp Lowest defense in game but are deadly.

2. Paper Mages very low defense

3.Int mage medium defense

4. Int Priest

5.Sin very deadly watch out

6. Never target only if your good,

Well as you see comboing is very important if you read the comboing guide. So dont go cz if you dont know how to combo,

Your job.

Sin Kill everyone protect healer

Archer Avoid hits and kill with sh.

Warrior Protect party and kill while you are doing that.

Healers Heal Warriors sins and debuff people

buffers buff and leeech:P

Mages Nova and teleport .

Ok thats my guide. srry that i made it nooby it was for noobs.

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Posted: June 18th, 2006, 2:46 pm

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Can premium members say yay or nay to this being moved to a confirmed section.

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Posted: June 20th, 2006, 5:02 am
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It's a good guide, although everything in it is said before.

I'm in a good mood, so I make it a yay.

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Posted: June 20th, 2006, 5:06 pm

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1 yay so far 2 more yays needed for premium.

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Posted: June 20th, 2006, 7:46 pm

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