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guide for partying--getting to lvl 30 in one day--and lvling : KO Submissions

Posted: July 4th, 2006, 9:33 am
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if you want to get to lvl 30 fast heres what you need to do.(ive gotten to lvl 30 in 1 hour before.

No. 1 best place: Apostle's---i have gotten to lvl 30 in one hour starting at lvl one from these. they dont attack you as long as you dont heal, and you can go afk most partys dont care because they dont like you looting anyway.(sometimes) check every channel for a party and once you get one, its all downhill from there.

also a great site if you dont know how to get there is www.knight-online.com - this site has maps and and references for all weapons, armors, skills and spells.

No.2 best place: goblin village---goblin village usually has a couple of large AOE mages which will gladly accept you in their party, because they usually want someone to loot for them. i recommend this for about lvls 1- 15 because there is a max experience cap based on your lvl and AOEing 15 goblins which are at that max cap is faster then apostles. once you get to 15-30 the lvling gets slow.(and you cant afk here.)

for lvls 1-30 i wouldnt go anywhere else other than these two simply because other stuff wastes your time and these areas are generally easy to find a party.


The most important thing about lvling in KO is that you have to have a party. Going it alone is just a waste of time. The way the system works is the party experience gained IS NOT 50-50. Each party member gets around 70-80% of the experience points from the monster. This is based on the lvls of the people in the party and how many people in the party.
for instance if you invite a lvl 70 to your party he is going to down your experience a little but he will kill so much you will benefit from him. if you invite a chicken (lvl 1-30) hes a noob so you wont lose much experience.

Where to party: (this is assuming your at least lvl 30)
The number 1 place for me is ash knights until lvl 50 or so. There are many parties here and usually you can find a party. A good party is one with a priest. if they have some sort of healer/buffer you can fight without worrying about health and dieing. this makes parties very effective so keep that in mind. And if you cant find a party on one channel TRY DIFFERENT CHANNELS. Once you have lvled high enough try to find a good guild with lots of high lvled parties. also if you looking for a high lvled party try using the /seeking party command. it lets party leaders see your lvl class and invite you. a good place to train after you graduate from ash knights is dragon tooth skeletons then if you feel brave i would try deruvish and apostles.

Bronze premium: this is completely optional for lvling but it could be nice when you lvl 60. the 20% experience bonus is like only having to get to 80%. and that jackpot (experience X 1-100) is nice. NOTE: this is completely optional im not saying you have to buy this to lvl it just helps.

My favorite way of making money is too go to abyss dungeon at night and AOE leeches. you can sell Abyss Gems for around 500k each and they arent too hard to get(rare yes but easier to get than unique items).

another way if you dont like the first is to make new acounts lvl the 3 guys to 30 put the money on 1 guy and use 2 different computers or find a way to run two clients and sell arrows on your main for like 100,000 each. then buy the 100,000 dollar arrows on your noob accout.
ALSO i think this is why character deletion is disabled because you could do the same thing with one account

could someone post something atleast. this i have 3 submissions now and no one has responded to any of them

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Posted: July 4th, 2006, 9:43 am

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