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GUIDE: How to slide & Combo : KO Submissions

Posted: January 30th, 2006, 1:11 pm
m0rbid 0ne
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In 3rd Person View:

Make sure you're in the view mode that allows you to click where you want to go -- Use F9 to find this view mode.

Click and hold the left mouse button to run around where you want to go, use Z or B to target the nearest monster, after targetting DO NOT RELEASE the mouse button otherwise you'll have to hit Z or B to retarget again. As you near the target tap any of your attacking skills to do an attack whilst moving. Maneuver around the monster and continue using skills to kill it.

Alternative method: Click on a monster, hold the mouse button down (if you've done it right the target won't be lost) and then continue to move and attack using skills. (this is a method that avoids using Z or

In First Person

Push E (continuous forward movement) or hold W to move forward, use Z or B to target a monster. Use the right mouse button to turn your view quickly and make turns around the monster whilst tapping your skills.

Flawless Sliding Technique

Disclaimer -- This is very dependant on your latency. I live in Australia and my ping is probably around 300ms on AD1 and 200ms on AD2 but I get less lag spikes on AD1 so I prefer AD1. Your technique will probably be very different to mine if your connection speed is alot faster.

My method for sliding monsters like Haunga, Ash Knights, Dragon Tooth Skeletons, Lamia, Golems, Trolls can often allow me to kill all of these solo without getting hit as long as I have swift or I time the sprints well (much harder). I use the same method against all of these monsters.

First learn the range for your snowball AND your weapon (poleaxe range is huuge ). I find it the further away they are the easier it is to not get hit. Snowball your target, run back for about 1-3 seconds depending on how far you want to pull the monster away from the spawn as you don't want to get messed up by further spawning monsters when you've finished dealing with it (In the colony you don't have to worry about this as most of the monsters there are passive). And then start running diagonally either left or right (facing the monster). Then make a sharp turn at the monster's behind and hit your first skill there. Follow through by running behind it basically (this is how it looks on my screen - as I said earlier this is latency dependant, if you have a very fast ping you're going to have to invent your own way to deal with the monster). The movement you make will be very similar to circle strafing (ala Quake) but in this case the shape you form when chasing the monster and hitting your skills repeatedly is more akin to a triangle.

Problems that may be found
- If you are making failed attacks constantly you need to start guessing where the monster is next and intercept and hit your skill there.
- You cannot stop moving once (not even for a second) during this kind of sliding otherwise the monster hits you (guaranteed nearly all the time).
- Sometimes you stop because your mouse cursor moved over the chat box/information box scrolling arrows which causes your log to go up and you often tend to miss what people have said for a good hour even because you've done this. To prevent this from happening click and hold the mouse button on the CHAT or INFORMATION box and move it away OR hit 9 or 0 to minimise both windows (not recommended - party leaders/priests often have important things to say and it's nice to know when your wolf has run out (as you do less damage) or you make consistent failed attacks)).
- I don't use the mouse wheel button to turn around or move backwards, I just hold the mouse cursor below my character on screen to move back which is why I sometimes run into my chat box scrolling arrows. VERY ANNOYING, to counter this I set the resolution to 1280x1024 so I have more room to drag my cursor around.

Advanced Sliding Techniques

Sliding using R (getting the extra edge in PvP)

You do not need to have any skills in your shortcut tab to even accomplish any form of sliding (I've soloed werewolves/orc watchers at level 10 with R and my stab skill). That means you can slide using R, tedious yes but effective when you're out of mana and need to finish a monster OR for some extra damage during your normal skill spamming during sliding in PvP or a hard monster (much better for PvP though). To do it just spam R as you are sliding to get an extra attack in. In this game unlike Lineage 2 or others you can add your normal attack in PLUS your skill (WoHenQiang always does this to me ie. his first attack is almost always 700% damage as he uses Spike + normal attack).

To do it with sliding requires micromanagement which I haven't come around to master. What you do is you click and hold the left mouse button after clicking on your target and drag it past the target, hit R and hit your skill when you run past it, rinse and repeat and you can get an extra attack in as you slide past over and over. Alternative way: Target where you want to go, hit Z or B to target and then hit R + skill to get your extra attack in, what should happen is you continue to your destination and your character does the attacks whilst moving there and not towards the monster.

-- the main reason I didn't try too long with this technique is that it tends to fill up the information box with STARTING ATTACK ON BLAH BLAH CANNOT ATTACK BECAUSE TARGET IS TOO FAR and I would rather see how much damage my opponent is doing to me rather than adding the extra R attack which misses alot anyway (being a warrior you miss ALOT ><).

Attack Animation Cancelling

When you start a skill on a monster you'll notice that you can click to move right after and your skill will not fail and you will hit AND you will actually cancel the attack animation on your character allowing you to hit the attack skill again! However, there is a catch, the game doesn't allow you to drill your attacks that fast and often what happens is your next attack if done too quickly will not register at all, HOWEVER, the delay between attacks can often be cut if you're using a slowly animated or long animation attack like leg cut for instance, which allows you to cancel out that attack and then proceed to Cleave faster than before. You can also use this trick to clear out bugbears or any monsters like leeches that you can kill in a single hit of your attack. So basically target leech, hit your skill and then immediately move to another monster repeat again. I've cleared entire sections of bugbears/pookas or cave leeches doing this. IT'S WARRIOR AOE and they all die like in anime, ie. after 5 seconds they fall down.

Leg Cutting Warrior Strategy vs Monsters for easier Flawless Sliding

To make sliding easier against monsters like Golems/Trolls, I use leg cut every 3-5 attacks I use of Cleave/Thrust/Prick. Even though the monster is leg cut before and has slowed down, you can hit him again with leg cut and it'll reset it. So my routine is often Cleave x 4, Leg cut, Cleave x4, Leg Cut, (Pain killer + Blaze killer or Mana Pot), Cleave x 3, Leg cut and so on. This allows you to slide much easier as they move very slowly in that triangle shape I mentioned earlier, and all you have to do is spam skills while tailing them in this shape.
Something very interesting to note is that the leg cut still slows down monsters EVEN WHEN YOU MISS (this is obviously a bug), yes that means when you do 15 poison damage you will still slow the monster or when you don't see any damage but mana/stamina consumption (no elemental on weapon) the monster is still slowed down.

Important Notes about sliding

You will notice against fast hitting creatures like goblins or orcs it gets very very hard to slide flawlessly as they will often get a hit off you no matter how well you do it. An example is the Goblin Bouncer which I've never managed to slide flawlessly unless I killed it in a single hit (need 1600 damage) or if the monster is a bit lagged server side and doesn't retaliate in which either case is irrelevant to our case of good sliding since I didn't need to slide at all. Needless to say though it does reduce the total amount of damage a Goblin Bouncer does to you so sliding is good vs any monster that does not have a ranged attack.

You will also notice that sliding with swift/sprint speeds up the attack animation therefore allowing you to use another skill more quickly after the previous one finishes. You can test it by trying to slide without those speed buffs and comparing it to the normal attack speed you see when you attack a monster normally by standing there and hitting R + Skill.

Some *cough* Bragging *cough* I mean Information about Experiences with Sliding

It takes me 1 minute and a half to take a golem down solo, no wolf, and just scroll buffs and using sprint (no healing/mana pots required if I do it flawlessly). A real pain in the !@#$%^&* , do it if you think you're good at sliding (that was at level 53-54). Takes 30 seconds with swift/wolf/malice on the golem. I used prick in these instances. Did not time it when I reached level 55 to try it out with Thrust. I find bigger targets like Lamentation are awfully hard to slide flawlessly as their range is huge and they often catch up to you regardless of the leg cutting strategy. Sliding flawlessly is much easier when done solo than with other players as they will often attract the attention of the monster for a brief moment and you can't apply your triangle sliding here and thus you start causing failed attacks all over the place. This is why I soloed golems when I was partied with a holy/aura priest + rogue while they sat back and healed me if I messed up ><.

Also we've killed Dragon Tooth boss using two level 51-53 chrs (rogue+warrior) and one 4x mage, using scrolls and alot of mana/healing pots and good sliding. Which is funny because I've seen entire parties struggling to kill DT (maybe they were all level 4x a bit shameful though )

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