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Guide to quests in fire drake : KO Submissions

Posted: August 26th, 2006, 1:54 pm
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LVL's will be getting added very soon :D


- go to [Manager]Billbor

Corona Borealis
Collect: 5 Corona Borealis
Reward: 809420 xp

Luferson Castle

- go to [Advisor]Herga

Lunar Spy
Collect: Secret Scroll of Luna Karus Spy
Reward: 300000 xp / Country Cont 500

- go to [Captain]Fargo

Reconaissance report
Collect: 1 Reconnaissance report / 5 Reconnaissance maps
Reward: 3680000 xp
Guardian of 7 keys
Collect: 7 keys
Reward: 15218948 xp
Monster Supression Squad (lll)
Collect: 3 Filtered Water of Evil / 1 DevilĀ“s Marble
Reward: 1500000 xp
- go to [Imperial Palace Guard]Jakata

BBQ Ingredients
Collect: 5 Tyon Meats
Reward: 1000000 xp / 1 BBQ Dish

- go to [Imperial Palace Guard]Verca

Saber Thoot Hunt
Collect: Hunt 20 Saber Thoot
Reward: Chitin Gaunt (like goblin)
Skeleton Warrior Hunt
Collect: Hunt 20 Skeleton Warrior
Reward: Chitin Helmet (like goblin)
Skeleton Knight Hunt
Collect: Hunt 30 Skeleton Knight
Reward: Chitin Pad (like goblin)
Death Knight Hunt
Collect: Hunt 20 Dks
Reward: Chitin Pauld (like goblin)
Hornet Hunt
Collect: Hunt 250 Hornet
Reward: 1640000 xp
Haunga Warrior Hunt
Collect: Hunt 240 Haunga warrior
Reward: 6700000 xp
Ghost Warrior Hunt
Collect: Hunt 250 Ghost Warrior
Reward: 4300000 xp / 10 Trans Scrolls
Hop Goblin Hunt
Collect: Hunt 250 Hop Goblin
Reward: 7000000 xp
Grey Orc Elimination
Collect: Hunt 30 Grey Ozz
Reward: Some Nice Ring whit def/ Healt - hp - dex/str/int (depend of ur class) mp bonus and Resis to flame - light etc
- go to [Moradon Merchant]Shymer

Silver Feather (l)
Collect: 5 Silver Feather
Reward: 300000 xp
Skull Collection
Collect: 7 Skulls
Reward: 320000 xp
Coarse Bone Powder
Collect: 7 Coarse Ground Bone
Reward: 350000 xp
Materials for the Ritual
Collect: 5 Skulls / 5 Coarse Ground Bone
Reward: 700000 xp
Orc Talisman
Collect: 7 Orc Talismans
Reward: 800000 xp
Promise of Darkness
Collect: 7 Oath of Darkness
Reward: 860000 xp
Silver Feather (ll)
Collect: 10 Silver Feather
Reward: 950000 xp
Collect: 5 Pincer Poison
Reward: 120000 xp
Wolf Souvenirs
Collect: 5 Wolfman Claws / 5 Wolf Hides
Reward: 130000 xp
Smirdon Meat
Collect: 5 Smirdon Meat
Reward: 150000 xp
Smirdon Hide
Collect: 5 Smirdon Hide
Reward: 160000 xp
Animal Blood
Collect: 5 Animals Blood
Reward: 240000 xp
Rotten Eye
Collect: 5 Rotten Eyes
Reward: 270000 xp
AND THOSE ALREADY KNOW QUEST FROM LINATE ... (lich, those quest who gives u shells / xp for kill some golems, uruks, those trees from kalluga... etc)


- go to [Ascetic]Veda

Collect: 1 Seventh Certificate .....
Reward: 1 Speed/ac/hp/ap scroll
Brahman Hunt
Collect: Hunt 250 Brahman
Reward: 21000000 xp
Crimson Wing Hunt
Collect: Hunt 250 Crimsons
Reward: 20000000 xp
Gargoyle Hunt
Collect: Hunt 250 Gargoyle
Reward: 21000000 xp
Apostle of Piercing Cold Hunt
Collect: Hunt 250 Apostle of ......
Reward: 33000000 xp
Apostle of Flame Hunt
Collect: Hunt 250 Apostle of ......
Reward: 40000000 xp
Doom Soldier Hunt
Collect: Hunt 250 Doom Soldiers
Reward: 19000000 xp


- go to ( Captain Laek)

Peacce of Arrdream
Collect: Kill 30 of opposing nation in Arrdream
Reward: 15000000 xp

Colony Zone

- go to [Outpost Captain]Elrod

Cursed Monster Hunt
Collect: Hunt 1 Duke/Bishop/Bach
Reward: 21000000 xp
Peace of Ronark Land
Collect: Kill 100 Oponent Country El Morad (or Karus if u are hhhhhh)
Reward: 20000000 xp


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Posted: August 27th, 2006, 8:06 am

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Can premium members say yay or nay to this being moved to a confirmed section.

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Posted: September 8th, 2006, 2:56 pm
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If he adds the lvl requiered to do these quests (like the level you get the quest at) i'll yay it.

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