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Guide to reaching lvl 40 quickly : KO Submissions

Posted: December 30th, 2005, 7:05 am
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Here are gleanings based on my experience. Please note that I assume that your time is your most valuable asset:

Always Hunt in a (Good) Party: you kill a monster by yourself, you get "x" experience points (xp). You kill the monster with a party member, you each get (roughly) 70% of "x" experience points, and so on and so forth as the party size increases. The game encourages partying. Also, party members will have complementary skills that will make you fight better. It is important to find a good party with an effective leader
Get HP Buffed Whenever Possible: every time you die you delay your leveling by 5%. It helps tremendously to be hp-buffed. You can get buffed by a priest in your party (free!) or by using a +hp scroll, which you can buy from the PowerUp Store
Join a Good, Active Clan: such clans run clan parties constantly, which saves you the time and hassle of trying to find a party to join. And the people in a good clan tend to be more reliable in terms of being good party members. A good clan can make a tremendous difference in terms of leveling. The only problem is that some clans have a minimum level requirement.
Get Someone to Power Level You: especially for levels lower than 20. A level 46 mage leveled me from 2 to 22 in an hour and 40 minutes. Make sure to do the Beginner's Quest (you get that chicken next to your name) from Selith in Moradon, so that higher level characters can party you. Also, have the power leveler invite other chickens to bring down the average level of the party, so that you'll get more xp per kill
Always Do the Level-Up Quests: these quests are available every tenth level (i.e. level 10, 20, 30, etc) and they are well worth your time. Non-rogue and mages-without-Chill may have a tough time soloing the level 30 Recon Quest. But rogues (by using Hide and Swift) and mages with Chill should be able to solo without difficulty as long as they are careful (i.e. run or Hide instead of risking getting hit). You can do the level 30 Recon quest with other people, but the maps dropped from the scouting soldiers will get distributed across the members of your party, and they can't be traded. For the level 40 quest (Battlefield), you actually get more xp per kill if you party with someone else
Don't Get Fixated on Acquiring Items/Equipment: it will be much more effective to farm when you are higher level. You'll want to have a solid weapon to hunt with (e.g. for a level 3x character: +6 horn xbow for an archer, a pair of +6 sword breakers for an assasin, a +6 flamberge for a warrior), but don't get fixated on raising money to equip your character. Goblin armor is your best bet as far as affordable quality armor for any class. If you are a mage, don't sweat getting the level 35 scroll. The drop rate for those scrolls is very low. Farming haungas in the hope of getting the right scroll is an exercise in frustration and futility. When you are higher level you will be able to buy one or at least farm haungas much faster
Use Potions Liberally: don't rest to recover hit or mana points, because that burns too much time. Use potions (pots) instead. The pots usually pay for themselves because you'll rack up more kills in a period of time. For cost efficiency, I recommend sticking with the lower-cost pots (e.g. 240 mana, 180 hp). At level 40+ level, you'll probably want to switch to the higher hp pots, but I still stick to the cheap 240 mana pots because they are a better value
Stay Out of the Abyss: some people feel it is the best place for low-level characters to farm (Abyss gems). I'm not going to debate that here. But the Abyss is not a good place for leveling, because it's too crowded, there isn't much room to manuever, and monsters spawn all over each room. Therefore, the risk of dying is much higher than hunting on the main nation map. And if you get killed by a player of the opposite nation, you lose 1% xp
Pay for Premium: (I listed this last because some people freak out when they read this) a lot of people refuse to pay K2 for Premium because of bugs and issues with the game. I'm not going to get into that here. But the reality is if you don't have Premium, it's going to take much longer to level. With Premium, you get 20% more xp and the death penalty is halved. Yeah, it costs $9.95 USD, but that's the price to see a movie at a theater or 2 trips to an unhealthy fast food restaurant

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