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How to COMBO!!! need free premium!! : KO Submissions

Posted: December 18th, 2005, 2:48 am
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The Tanking Combo (fastest dmg combo)

1. z your target, and press r to run towards it
2. as soon as u hit the target, hold down "s" and press a skill.
3. Almost immediately you press "r" again to run back towards the target, this cuts off the skill animation.
-at this moment you will see 3 hits
4. as soon as u hit the target again , hold down "s" and press a new skill.
5. once again press "r" to do a regular hit and cancel animation again
-this moment you'll see 5 hits.. so if you think about how long it takes to press 2 skills the hits add up fast.
6. repeat these steps.

This combo pretty much owns KO. I try to do this combo whenever i see an orc standing still ex. doing atross/riote, priest healing, mage casting, or another assassin doing combo to someone else. Unless they are moving they will get the tank combo. When the combo works you'll see a small white flash for every skill hit, the regular hit will connect at the same time and as far as rogue animation there is nothing but a little backup space from pressing "s"(very little). Obviously you'll want to try to do this as fast as possible since its a speed oriented technique, so what i do is use two-hands to do these combos. My left hand on the number keys(skills) and my right index finger on "s" and right middle finger on "r".. i dunno how anyone could preform the combo with one hand, they must have magic fingers but it is certainly possible. Best place to practise (hellhounds)

example info bar


The Running Combo (looks like your glitching combo) (chasing warrior from behind killer)
1. z your target.
2. hold down "w" (run forward key) and spam "r" to run towards them
-spamming r will make you run in the targets direction.. if you hold "w" and don't spam "r" you will just run in a straight line
3. as soon as you hit with a regular hit, do a skill immediately
4. spam r again to cancel the animation, and to do another regular hit
5. do another skill and repeat.

This is the combo you do when someone is running away..usually after they get scared from your tanking combo. Or when warriors try to solo pk i like to run behind them and do this and see them flash red fairly quickly except for DeadCanRespawn(scariest orc warrior). I seen this dude walk into human base kill 5 noobs and walk out the back 0.0. anyways, this combo obviously harder cuz your moving and its harder to practise since monsters in piana dont run away after you hit them. best place to practise(castle siege war)

Hope this makes the game more fun for all the assassins and less fun for all the other characters .. I was told this a long time ago why not share with everyone else.. Now if someone could find me a macro program so i could do this perfect everytime btw, its just a game. goodluck, have fun, see you in colony zone.

well just keep practising man and eventually when you get it right once you'll see that the combo is a million times faster then r and skill. try doing it slow first.. like target a hellhound. press r and hit the target. after you hit HOLD "S" and press spike.. dont let go off "S" it will show you sliding backwards and spiking. once you can see yourself sliding backwards and spiking, you have the first step. let go of "s" and then press "r" which will run back to the hellhound and do a regular attack again. after you hit hold "s" and press thrust.. you slide back and thrust let go of "s" and then press "r" repeat.. can't really explain it much clearer then that.. and once you get good at it do it faster. until all you see is a white flash and you don't even move.

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