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Hunting guid ( and a few money tips) : KO Submissions

Posted: May 13th, 2004, 3:09 am
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Hunting guide Knight Online

1-10 First off do the New Warrior’s Quest to get a specific weapon for your class.
Kill worms till you hit lvl 3 or so and then start killing snatchers to 5. At 5 go back to Moradon and exit the middle gate. This will take you to Kecoons. Kill them to 7. At 7 run off to the left and look for Bultures. Kill them to 10.

Note: At 10 you need to chose your specialty. Go to Moradon
and seek out Captain Kunabarl to chose it.

11-15 Ask Captain Kunabarl to duel the orks. This quest is easy and the reward is 5k xp and 30k coins. After that you kill Bultures to 15. At 15 you can party for werewolfs, keep all wolffangs you get, as you can turn them in for 10000coins and 1500xp (turn in 5 at the time). Although you are able to get wolffangs from the lowteens, you won’t be able to turn to them in till you hit 20!

16 - 20 You can contiue killing werewolfs to 20 or start killing Silans. Get silans bones..normally get 100 - 200 bones in 3hours sell them for 10k each.. 1 - 2mill profit, though as once said..silan bones are a market easlly flooded, again do your money quests.

Note. Do the Gem of Bravery quest from Captain Kunabarl at level 20. Also, do the Scroll of Seal Quest from Nashira the NPC for 300k worth of items/cash

21 - 25 Goblins, The goblin village for Karus is at 1600,800
They give good money and drop goblin pieces. Each piece sells for 25 k. Although if you make goblin armor out of the pieces instead of selling, you can make good money as well.

Note: At 30 do the Captain Kunabarl quest that you’re able to get at that lvl. It will take you to lvl 31.

25 - 40 Killing Deathknight is by far the best. Get a party and kill them to 40. You can still do goblins if you want to make money, but Deathknight’s beat everything for xp.

Note: At 40 do the battlefield quest, it will take you to lvl 41.You need a long-ranged weapon or spells for it. As you’re going to kill goblins in an arena, although they have low defense and hps they hit extremely hard.

40 - ? Head to Eslant gates. Get a party and kill Ash Knights, or Dragon Tooth Knights. This is what most people kill even in their 50s and 60s.

Doing Lamias,Lamuros and Lamitations might be a good idea to. Although you won’t get that good xp. They drop items worth millions. Lamias drop Kurkys which sell for 2-2.5 mill.

If you’re mage with glacier. You can solo stonegolems, they drop cleavers which sell for around 8-9 million. If you’re not a glacier mage, you can get a party to kill them. Golems have many hps, and hit kind of hard. But drop good items.

You can also kill Harpys(in party). Harpys have low defense and hits pretty weak for their lvl. But they have alot of hps. Harpys give alot more xp per kill than Ash Knights and Dragon Tooth Knights.

Money making tip:

From mid teens and up you can go to Abyss. Abyss in a dungeoun full or worms. These worms drop Abyss Gems. The gems are kind of rare around 1/50. But the worms are very easy to kill. Abyss gems sell for around 125k on the market. You can also chose to quest them. To do that you turn them in to the wearhouse keeper. You can be lucky to get items worth many millions, or crap worth a couple of k. So it’s up to you to decide if you want to take a chance.

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Posted: May 13th, 2004, 3:13 am
Tault_Tault Community

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Actually did some testing. Would like to add that the amount of gems you get, also depends on your lvl.

From 15 to 35 or so. I say it's around 1/65 you get an abyss gems.

35-45 around 1/100

45+ around 1/125

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