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Knight Online Bot - Not Koxp or FKO : KO Submissions

Posted: November 24th, 2006, 3:34 pm
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Download here

File: qsboten03.exe
POSSIBLY INFECTED/MALWARE (Note: this file has been scanned before. Therefore, this file's scan results will not be stored in the database) (Note: this file was only flagged as malware by heuristic detection(s). This might be a false positive. Therefore, results of this scan will not be stored in the database)
MD5 cfec9b15ff676de2518888d1fbddcf54
Packers detected:
Scanner results
Found nothing
Found nothing
Found nothing
AVG Antivirus
Found nothing
Found nothing
Found nothing
Found nothing
F-Prot Antivirus
Found nothing
F-Secure Anti-Virus
Found nothing
Found nothing
Kaspersky Anti-Virus
Found nothing
Found nothing
Norman Virus Control
Found nothing
Found nothing
Found Malware.Agent.78 (paranoid heuristics) (probable variant) <- that is from the packers

This was taken from fuckgaming from a post by GoA_trance but it is not originally from them. this program has alot of the things that koxp does and it works with the new patch. I dont know much about it yet but I will post more as I figure it out. Also some of the words are in turkish I think so translators would be helpful in figuring everything out. I will post updates as I figure the commands out.

Enjoy and The results are negative for any viruses but not all viruses can be detected so if you find something please post it asap.


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Posted: November 25th, 2006, 1:46 am
kobrakhan69's Reps:
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Alright heres the guide I wrote for this.

Getting Started

- download qsboten03 from here - QSBOTEN03

- Extract anywhere on your pc.

-Open TianHuoKo

- Register a new name and password (I would suggest one not the same as your ingame name/pass)

- Open Knight Online

- Login using whatever character you want to play as.

- When you open the game after logging in it will show up as a tab that has two options at the top.

AuxCon has the miscelaneous Pro Chat Shout and Enemy settings.

- Mis Settings is where you will find your autopickup settings auto party and many more options. I set mine as Refuse All Team and AutoPick everything. It is totally up to you though.

- Pro Settings I havent figured out exactly what everything does in this one. I will report back after some testing. I have noticed that you can set your buffs here. IE Swift And Stregnth of the Wolf.

-Chat Settings Shows what is being said in your chat window and allows you to reply without switching back.

- Shout Settings is all in turkish I believe. I can't help you with this until I can find a translator to help with this.

- Enemy Settings is the same as Shout I am sorry.

Second Option AutoCon

Basic -This is where you choose your skills to attack with and your buff skills.

Where it says AutoSkill Choose what skills you wish to attack with.

Below that you will see Buffer To Teammate Allows you to buff your teammates from the list of skills offered.

Advanced - Set your options down. this is where you pick if your going to sit and attack and what not.

I have turned stable as a mountain on and off and seen no difference.

Accept game revive revives you when you die.

Always sit down when fight makes you attack while sitting down.

Go town when out of red makes you town when almost dead.

Go to town when out of blue makes you town when you run out of mana.

Attacking monster with hp higher than ?? makes you town if they have more hp than what you put.

Manual select monster makes you have to select the monsters before you attack them.

EXP bug works with this.

You must have Accept all invite Accept below ask and multi exp ALL set on then it works.

Mana save works also.

If you accidentally close the window hit f11 and it will reopen.

To setup healing for yourself without minor heal.

You go to AuxCon--> pro-->In the protection box you see HP and MP. Below HP Click higher and put in the value you want to heal at. then look down and uncheck JSAutoHealSelf.

To Setup Mana Potting

You go to AuxCon--> pro-->In the protection box you see HP and MP. Below MP Click higher and put in the value you want to pot at.

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Posted: November 25th, 2006, 3:00 am

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Posted: November 25th, 2006, 3:19 am
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Couldnt you have given me credit since it wasnt posted until after I posted mine. Also did you by any chance write a guide for it?

Woulda been nice though if I had at least gotten some tubucks for this but yea.

Anyway I'll post my guide on ur post since there isnt anything to help them out if they get confused.

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