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Knight Online Fast Exp : KO Submissions

Posted: July 26th, 2005, 12:49 am
exymus's Reps:
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You will need two computers both with a knight online account, or some good friends with accounts to perform this exploit.

You will need to create a new lvl 1 character and visit selith[special store]
to make the character part of the beginner helper quest so that it can party with higher level charachters. This is helpful for those of you who have already created a character and leveled them past 8 levels. Then what you do is register the lvl 1 character on your main characters friend list. Then go to an area where you can kill monsters with your main character and take your lvl 1 char. along with you. have your lvl 1 char attack a monster that is around an area where there is no spawning of monsters. Have the lvl 1 char die, but DO NOT click ok to resurect your lvl 1 char. Instead click on the exit button on the lower right part of the screen. A dialog will pop up under the resurect dialog box, but there is a thin section of the select character button just above the resurect dialog box. Press this and relog back on with the same lvl 1 char you just killed.
then on your main account (the one you want to get the Exp) open up your friends list and click on the name of your lvl 1 char then click party. You will now gain the Exp that would have gone to the lvl 1 char as well as your own. The only set back is that your lvl 1 char can die again if he is attacked. he will appear dead but monsters will still attack. If he dies(read his information window it will say something like killed by werewolf) just relog and try again. Very fast Exp :) happy leveling!

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Posted: July 26th, 2005, 7:27 am
haxhax's Reps:
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something similar was posted already
this is old stuff

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