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Lvling Guide : KO Submissions

Posted: March 8th, 2006, 12:13 pm
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Rogues: Start out a Ranger/Exployer and go to a good AOE place (Harpies are great) and become there Chicken swifter. Now if they dont have a swifter then they will keep you but if they do then dont stay at that party becouse there going to kick you and then you wont be able to party with high lvls becouse your not chicken. But once you get to 45 then hook up with an ice mage and you two could own anything that dousnt range or that dousnt have above 20k health. Once you hit 55 you can switch to Assassin to own CZ or you can keep being a Ranger and you could own DTS.

Mages: Become an ice mage for now so you can Chill your enemys and get a high lvl to lvl you to 33+ for AOE (Its best if you can get to lvl 45) But at 33 some people might want you at Ash knights to freeze them or Troll Worriors or other such. Then you get to lvl 45 on that, Once you get to 45 its time for harpies. You must get into the hang of AOE them. Tell the party leader your new at this and then most of the time they teach you the way.

Worriors: Become defence untill your lvl 35 then go kill Ash Knights untill 40-45 then its time for you to do Durivish, there great for exp becouse its like 5k exp for 10 seconds or something like that. You can do Apostiles at lvl 50-60+. Once you get to 60 you would become godly and own the CZ a good worrior will run over a party with about 1 hit each or you can go and farm Dark Mares (Great for farming, You can sell almost everything they drop) Remeber for worriors your gear is everything!

Preist: Become a Healer/Buffer and then go get to lvl 30+ by the chicken ways. Then you get ash parties or sometimes dts when people are macroing there they want a healer so if they get hit... You should get to lvl 45? Then try them higher lvl monsters. Now my suggestion is stay Buffer/Healer untill lvl 60+ and then you can turn into whatever. My best bet is being paper for CZ. Just two Preist and one assassin/worrior could own the whole CZ there needs to be a buffer/healer and a debuffer/healer and the assassin/worrior could do all the work very easly.

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Posted: March 12th, 2006, 8:22 am
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decent guide, could use more detail and more options but overall good

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