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Mage AOE Macro : KO Submissions

Posted: August 13th, 2005, 7:35 am
shooty's Reps:
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Hello again guys :lol:
Heres my first Macro up here.
It's a Mage AOE macro, it doesnt detect MP stats or targets yet but its just to place your mouse somewhere and the macro will attack every (current) 35 sec.. and rest between the attacks..or use a pot..

I made this Macro absolutely myself and hope il get Premium with it to study on Macro's more and make more advanced Macro's. :twisted:

I mean u can't use AOE with the normal macro's :roll:
In future i can maybe make it pixel based but eh guys cmon :P

If there are any questions, please ask :roll:
//--   Mage AOE macro    --//
//--    Version 1.0      --//
//-- Created by Shooty   --//

SetActiveWindow Knight OnLine Client
ObjVar 10
CommandDelay 50
KeyRate 100



number = 2 // Number of aoe attacks u want to use
slot1  = 1 // AOE slot 1
slot2  = 2 // AOE slot 2
slot3  = 3 // AOE slot 3
mpPot  = 4 // Key for MP Pots
sitdown = 0 // Sit = 1; MP Pots = 0 (Sit takes ages, pots recommended)
restTime = 35 sec // Time to rest after each attack IMPORTANT!! Also mean that it attacks every (current) 35 sec! (30 sec is normal spawntime)
keyDelay = 1.0

//-----]Attack Module[-----
Procedure attack
  if $number = 1
    Call attack1 // Calls Attack 1 :: 1 AOE
  if $number = 2
    Call attack2 // Calls Attack 2 :: 2 AOE's

//----]Attack procedures[-----
Procedure attack1
KeyDown $slot1 $keyDelay sec
delay 150

Procedure attack2
KeyDown $slot1 $keyDelay sec
KeyDown $slot2 $keyDelay sec
delay 150

//-----]Mana restore procedure[-----
Procedure mana
IsBlue 206, 27
  If $sitdown = 1
    Call rest
   Keys $mpPot
   delay $restTime

//-----]Rest procedure[-----
Procedure rest
keydown c 0.5 sec
delay $restTime
keydown c 0.5 sec

//-----]Execute everything[-----
While 1=1
Call mana
Call attack 


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