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Mages guide for money making and leveling : KO Submissions

Posted: October 27th, 2005, 2:46 am
remixlt's Reps:
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Here is my second guide, it's if you want play with magician but don't know how to do that. There exist 2 mage types :
1.Normal mage (you need to rise INT and MP).
2.Paper mage (you need to rise just MP).
Normal mage have better armors and weapons, but he does lower dmg than paper mage, so it's your choice what to choose.
Now about spells. Flame spells have biggest dmg, but glacier spells slow enemies, lighting spells stun enemies. Best spells for paper mage is flame, big dmg + big dmg= very big dmg :D
Magicians are good pvm (player vs monster) characters, but they are bad pvp (player vs player).
Now about leveling. Mages are good in start, they can kill stronger monsters then other classes,
1-3 - earth and blood worms.
4-6 - snatchers and small bulcans.
7-10 - bulcans, wold bulcans, kecoon fighters, kecoon warriors.
11-15 - wold bulcans, giant bulcans, bultures, kecoon captains, can try orcs.
16 -18 - orcs, werewolves.
19-22 - go to your race 1st village and kill werewolves, lycans, gavolts,
23 - 26 - skeletons, zombies , dark eyes.
Now you leveling with party
27 - 30 - can go kill smilidons, megas, dks, dire wolves.
31 - 40 - you must go kill megas, dks , dire wolves, ash.
41 - 50 if have clan go to eslant, if don't have go kill dks, haungas or ash with party.
51 - 70 - you must have clan, go kill harpies, dts, hunt bosses. Tip: use macros if want faster leveling.
Now about money making.
I think best bussines is go kill to abbys or kill goblins, but if you don't want to, yo can go kill worms with AoE magic and try find gems.
Equipment for paper mage:
Goblin armors (cotton) set,staff what you can wear ( i can't say exactly what staff you need, because some ppl like rise INT 100),and jewerly +MP.
Equipment for normal mage:
Use best things that you can wear or equip.
Male or female human ?
I think female is better, because she have better INT and MP stats, male have better HP, but HP is not usable for mage.
Well, thanks for reading this guide, I hope you liked it.Wait for other my guides.See you later!

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Posted: October 29th, 2005, 11:42 am
fredd75's Reps:
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Thanks for submitting your guides at Tault.

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