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Posted: May 31st, 2007, 5:02 am
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found these exploits a while ago when i was searching through other websites for Knight OnLine (KoL) hacks. Some of them are really useful... others not so much, but eather way it seems as though curse-x needs something more for KoL. This aren't directly plagourized because i put the steps and instructions into my own words; making them more understandable and easier to read (i read the bugs/exploits at various forums/sites and rewrote them, as i said before, in my own words). Here they are:

Fast Melee Attacking

This bug/exploit allows you to attack very fast useing any close range melee weapon ( I.E. axe, sword, dagger, etc.) But i havn't tested it for bows (mabey someone can for me?)

What do you need?
To do this exploit you will need a Transformation Gem and a rock. You will also need to have a melee weapon that you are able to equip and use (I'm not sure if you can use a bow or crossbow).


1) Buy a Transformation Gem (TG for short from now on) which can be bought from a Sundries shop (just a regular Sundries shop, which can be found in almost any town.)
2) Buy an item called 'rock' from the same shop (sundries).
3) Use the TG and transform into a monster of your choosing (it really doesn't matter, although i find the skeleton to work best.)
4) Place the rock you just bought in step 2 on any one of your skill bar slots, which are on the bottem of your screen.
5) Click and hold your left clicker on your mouse down (so you keep moving)
6) As you run/walk by monsters rapidly press the number on the skill bar that the rock was placed in (e.g. if you placed the rock into slot number 1 then, on your keyboard, you would rapidly press 1 on your keyboard as you get in close range of monsters).
7) If done right it should say "Casting Failed" in the information box, which is located near the bottem right corner of the screen.
8) Finally, use any of your skills and it should attack lightning fast.

Stacking Arrows (past 9999)

This exploit is primarily used for those of you who go on long farming trips and are rangers and need to take more than just 9999 arrows. This exploit allows up to 29999 arrows to be stacked, allowing for much less time between trips to the Sundries shop to buy arrows.

What do you need?
To do this expliot you will need to have a partner, who will help you do this exploit. You and your partner will both need enough money to buy 9999 arrows (which you can buy at the Sundries store for 1 gold each).


First off (not counting as a step) I must clarify who is who:
Person A = You, or whoever wants the high number of stackable arrows.
Person B = Your partner, the person who will help person A stack the arrows

1) Person A buys 9999 arrows.
2) Person B buys 9999 arrows.
3) Person B merchants all of the 9999 arrows (puts it as a sort of shop, so that Person A is able to get the 9999 arrows from Person B)
4) Finally, Person A buys all of the 9999 arrows off of Person B, which should make the arrows stack beyond 9999.

If you wish to get more arrows than what you just got (19998) simply repeat all of the above steps for this exploit, but, as i said before, you are only able to stack upto a total of 29999 arrows.

Private Exploits/Bugs/Hacks

Some PRIVATE exploits/bugs/hacks I know are:
Experience Bug
Client-Side Shops (you can buy any weapon/item, e.g. you can buy a really rare weapon at a regular weapon shop.)
Attack From Far Away
Arrow dupeing
Multiple Knight OnLine Clients
Sending A Letter To Yourself
8 Shots (useing a ranger skill that is supposed to shoot 5 arrows, exploit makes it shoot 8)
Free Premium (the membership)
Change Attack Speed

Those are pretty much all of the exploits/bugs/hacks I know that I will not say right here on this topic because of leechers. If you wish to get those exploits/bugs/hacks eather PM me, look for them yourself or add my MSN messenger; which is andreas_ricci@hotmail.com. If all you see is a space between andreas and ricci it's actually an underscore ( _ )

I hope this topic helped some of you out there, peace.

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Posted: May 31st, 2007, 8:13 pm

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Can premium members say yay or nay to this being moved to a confirmed section.

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