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My attempt at membership : KO Submissions

Posted: March 25th, 2006, 5:58 pm
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here is a list for what monsters to kill at what lvls

Before u do anything go to miraselth in moradon and ask to be in the begginer helper event.

lvl 1-5 = Worms outside of moradon- good xp for ur lvl and drop good if ur new and poor

lvl 6-10 = Bulcans in moradon- good xp and drop iron bars to get begginer armor and weaps

lvl 11-20 = Bultures in moradon- great xp for lvl and have an ok drop

lvl 21-30 = go to luferson and then roan camp and go to a party (ask the person with a "P" next to their name and they will invite u if there is room) (you neeed to be a begginer helper to do this) they will kill ash kinghts or dragon tooth skeltons,watch out the monsters hit hard.

lvl 31-35 = get a party in roan camp of ash knights and help them kill it. keep doing this untill lvl 40 if its a good party

lvl 41-45 = kill some dts (dragon tooth skeletons) in roan camp with a party. they give good xp ( remember that if u get any of the premiums u get more xp, bronze = 20% more, silver = 25% more,gold= 30% more) repeat this until lvl 50 or so

When you reach lvl 50 if u are a mage you will be able to do inferno, blizzard, or thunderstorm, these are spells that hit all monsters around it. go to bellua village, then look to the side that goes uphill and go straight untill u pass the mountain then right and u will be at goblins. u can kill kobold or bugbear with ur spell and it will drop goblin armor which can be sold for 150-250k in merchant. this will get u rich if u take time.\

After lvl 55 you can go to the higher lvled monsters like trolls, harpy, or even go back to dts for some quick xp

I hope this helped whoever read it :)

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Posted: March 25th, 2006, 8:02 pm
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we have enough guides on what monsters to kill at what lvls etc..

try something original

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