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My mage guide : KO Submissions

Posted: February 5th, 2007, 11:50 pm
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NinjaXrage’s Mage Guide

Table of Contents:

1: Introduction

2: Leveling as a mage

3: Paper/Half paper or int?

4: Ice/Light/fire?

5: Gear up!

6: Mage tips.

7: Endings

1: Intro

I have been playing Knights online for about 6 months and have browsed many forums and found lots of useful tips; this guide is comprised of some information from both me and other guides I have read.

2: Leveling up as a mage

Levels 1-20
Generally just stick to moradon killing worms and doing all the quests. At level 10-15ish you should be able to solo werewolf’s fairly easily. You should be level 20 in no time.

Levels 20-30
Stick to Lycans and stuff just outside el morad/luferson castle. Try to party everyone who is killing lycans with you as the experience is only slightly reduced (sometimes even increased) if you have a party member. And if you’re lucky you can get a free +8 wood staff.

Levels 30-40
I personally stayed at lycans for quite a while partying with other people. But if your lucky you can find a good death knight party that will let you in and their really good exp (just watch your hp especially if your paper) And I personally couldn’t solo death knights till level 40. So always go for the party. If no ones at dks Skeleton champions and skeleton knights are a good substitute.
Aoeing decayed zombies isn’t bad as you can kill them in 1-2 shots and not much effort is required.

Levels 40-45
Level 40 was a big jump for me. Mainly because of the Dk transformation which really increases your casting speed even more so with the combo which will be explained later. At level 40 you can probably solo death knights (although partying is still better) If you can’t find any partys a good place to solo is the graveyard, problem is in aeres (and possibly other servers) its horribly crowded If someones stealing your spot either leave or ask for party (partying at grave is pretty crap anless your killing battalions as more people dosent really mean more speed as it’s the respawn that takes more time than the killing)

Levels 45-50
If your lucky you can get into an Aoe Ash knight party. Although you can do it at level 40 its much easier to be accepted as level 45. A good AK party would have at least one ice mage and a few fire mages. (Yes light sucks here because its dmg sux and when sum Ash knights are stunned when others aren’t it’s hard to get a good hit on them all) I heard somewhere that you can do Aoe Harpy and lamia although I have never tried it.

Level 50+
I haven’t had any experience level 50 but I do know that aoe dragon tooths and harpy/raven is very good xp.

3: Paper or int?

Paper: In my opinion one of the best builds for a first account or an unfunded one. They hit very hard and are very cheap to make. But their defence means they pretty much get owned if any half decent monster gets a few hits on it, But if you can kill the monster before it gets to you its fine.

WoE: Bloody expensive build but its like a buffed up paper build if you got the cash more defence and more attack (at least from what I have heard)

Int mage: With the new fire drake quests an int mage is very playable as a first account. The quests give the player up to crimson armor and 2 chances to get a +6 and over viper staff. (and if im not mistaken one of the quests even give salamander -_-)
This build doesn’t kill things even nearly as fast as paper mages but the extra defence really helps. Generally they don’t level as fast as paper, In my opinion they would be much better at pking than a paper mage because they might actually survive a spike (bloody assassins) and have a chance at running away b4 the assassin owns his magic infused arse.

Put simply theirs no build that’s better than the other in both damage defence and cost. Allthough Erenion build dose more damage than paper and has more defence but erenions cost a fking shitload of money. Imo I would get to level 60ish as paper (You would have worked up a good amount of money by then) and change to int for pking It’s your choice.

4: Ice/light/fire

Fire is for damage Ice dose less but it slows enemy down (90% of time) And lightning dose least dmg but stuns and it looks ownage.
Fire is best for leveling generally and ice is very useful in Aoe partys. And light kinda sux but it looks omg so pro and is pretty good at pking. (light blade has very high stun rate) . Just redistribute a bit and find out what you like.

5: Gear

Paper mages should get a good wood staff +8 from lycans Or buy one and it should last them a while.
Genrally its Lobo/Lupus/Lycoan > Wiz+9>wood+9>wiz+8>wood+8 in terms of damage.
Try to get a set of hp gear 7/12 and mp gear 7/12 Hp is very helpful for Aoeing And for sum reason mp doesn’t work in pvp (at least that’s what iv heard)

As for int mages its Alchemy>Elemental>Viper>Sala>Elixer
Try to get to at least +6 before you use it and use elemental equivalent to the attack your using (fire staff for fire attacks). If your poor just use all the quest items.

Talia skin although very expensive (can’t repair) is awesum for pk. It’s a great way to avoid rouges. Make a few sets of dagger defence talia and you’ll be good.

I don’t know much about accesorys but. You should go for Hp and mp. ( no duh )

6: Mage tips

As a death knight you can attack very fast by casting the spell stepping back cast again step back etc.
For example Fireblast step back Firespear step back Hellfire step back etc.

Play with the view as far away from the character as possible. And just before the spell is cast a click the back of your character so the monster you attacked is still targeted. It takes a while getting used to but its worth learning.

7: Endings

So that’s my guide. I hope its helped you and that you had as much fun reading it as I did writing it.

Oh and dont instantly flame because its my first guide :)

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Posted: February 6th, 2007, 12:19 pm

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Posted: February 28th, 2007, 2:23 pm
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:twisted: This is useful enough information. Let it in.

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