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New working Bot for Knight online 1731 : KO Submissions

Posted: May 11th, 2009, 4:23 pm

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Rapidshare Download Knight onlIne Bot V11 http://rapidshare.com/files/229019337/K ... __V11_.zip

Rapidshare Download Direct Input.Dll for V11 http://rapidshare.com/files/225535134/dinput8.dll

Rapidshare Download V9 http://rapidshare.com/files/225596965/K ... V9.sfx.exe

Hi All Members

please Read the instructions Before Downloading

The Functions :

1: Attacking And Timed Skills Working Very Will 100%
2:Auto Potion Works Perfect 100%
3:All Hacks
4:Hide Mode (new)(U Will Be in Hide Mode(Hide Skill)all the time)
5:Auto Loot (Loot All & Loot Coins & Loot Selected Item(New))
6:Auto party (Party Bug)
7:GM Check Works Now Very Perfect 100%
8:EXP Information (Per Hour 7 The Time To lvl Up (hours : Min ))
9: Run To Mob Working 100%
10:Mana Save Working 100%
11:Added option For Mob Hp (like Town & Stopattack & Hide)
12:priest option (will buff & heal You party)
13:Auto Chat
14:TS With Gems
15:Auto Potion Fixed (Now Put Ur Potion Number in ur skill bar )
16:Added Packet Mode (New Attack Mode With Packets May Be Not Working Well Need Fix But Try)
17:Added Auto Move if Charcter Dead(just Go to ur place And then click record And Click Auto Move)
18:Auto Loot Working Well Now
19:Nation Change
20:R Attack Bug
21:Party Bug (Click Auto party & When u invited to party u will auto accept But Click Confirm Again u will get the all items and all noahs For you only tongue.gif )
22:R Attack Fixed

V4 (1728)
23:Repair (will repair your weapon left Right When Durability is below 1000)
24:All skills With names now and No Arrow no Mp And CS Spammable (Arrow shower working now & Multiply shot working)
26: priest Heal Buff AC(May Work & May not Not tested yet tongue.gif )
27:%50 Np & 50 EXP & 150 HP Hacks
28:Added Button to kick selected party member
29:No DC But No Auto Loot (Added button named start hooking Thats to start recording and Loot Will DC You)
30:Added Close PC When ur Charcter is dead biggrin.gif
31: Labels to show the Mob Hp Persent & Location & Distance
32: Added New protection Mode (By Mob ID) Now 10 text Boxes Write in it your Are mob's ID
How :: Selct mob manually and write the id in the text Box (Dont forgot Ur all Area Mob ID's )
33:New protection By Party if u kicked from party The bot will stop Attack
34: Warrior Range tongue.gif In Moving Group Box Click Record in the hunting area that u will hunt in it Then Next
Just record your area cordinates and then click stop recording Dont forgot to click stop recording) Then Click start ranging
35:Added Swift freeze Freeze your Speed in Swift
36:Added Mage Loot
37:Added run to chest Mode (458F) tongue.gif
38: Auto party Working Now
39:Supports Meele Attacks (Warrior Attacks tongue.gif )
40:Added Tray Button And Menu (Click Tray Menu Button) to change bot to Icon in task bar Then click right click u will see menu to show ( start packet & Stop packet & start DirectInput &Stop DirectInput)
41: Now u can update the hack by your self (Just get the new pointers and put it in configs.ini


Auto Move fixed
Gm Fixed
Chat Fixed (U Can Write now with spaces )
All Skills Fixed (No More Counter Strike Failed)
Added Combo Boxes For Archer Only No More Recording
Added 2 dlls for protection (Dont Delete The 2 Dlls The Hack Will not work)
Added Combo Boxes For Timed Skill ( Wolf & Lupin & Evade & Safety)
Added Mob ID label to Mob Id Protection Mode To make it easy to get the mob ids

Added Super Archer ( Will Hit 2 archry Skill bettwen the normal one)
Added 1000HP\200Ac
Fixed Auto Repair DC

Added Super archer hits from far away
Added 10% Attack Bug
Added healing by 1000 hp spam (not needed to Click start potion just put your min HP Value)
Added minor heal (not needed to Click start potion just put your min HP Value)
Added Taro card heal (not needed to Click start potion just put your min HP Value)
Added re skill bug
Added follow your target
Added list of skills by your lvl
Added Melee Check by Bar ( just go to the place you want hunt in and click start packet And then click radius check)
Added R attack bug
GM fixed ( PLz Dont talk to any one in PM and if any one pmed you dont open it & Dont chat any thing (Normal , Shout , any thing) will town DC you (it will close the game))
Priest buff heal all works now
Char information
auto loot (Workin in C Servers Tested for 5 hours no DC)
Repair when your dura is 5000 (Right & Left weapon)
Added noDC (USKo 1731 Working)

V8 :

Manual fixed
Buffs fixed (50% exp will rebuff after 30min and 2 sec & 200 ac too )
Priest fixed
Reskill Fixed now just chck the box 2 times u will get 2 skill points (u must have 2 real skill point to reskill))
auto party fixed

all archer skill added

Gm Fixed will town and DC and Quite party
Timed skill fixed
Loot selected fixed
Repair fixed Just enable the looter with it
added Protection with Monster HP
all buffs will rebuff when finished

V11 :
Warrior Skill added
Manual select Fixed
Repair Fixed
Gm With 60 name Added (Press Start Hooking for GM Working well)
Timed skill fixed (Wolf working Now timer = 122000)

V11 Fixed :

Selecting speed fixed
Attack speed
Repair DC (Tested with ironCrossBow)
150 Hp Healing & Spam
Chat Fixed

Better Gm Check

The Instructions :
1:Copy the dll to windows system32 and ko folder
2:run the hack after your char is complete its loading
3:For using Attack mode (just select your Skill and click start packet mode)
4:for using (potion its with packet now Faster than before JUst choose what kind of ur hp and write the min value and click start potion)
5:looting (Click start hooking and click loot all and the click What ever u want to use (loot coins ,selected ...etc)
6: For Gm Start hooking first (And Start it)

Vista users : Run the hack as admin tongue.gif

I Hope All members love it & Use It tongue.gif

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Posted: May 12th, 2009, 2:35 pm

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Mod in Training
Can members say yay or nay to this so we may give tu bucks and/or premium. If you nay the submission remember to include as to why.

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Posted: May 13th, 2009, 10:54 pm

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it says it has been close 10 of may I thing and that I need to pay to get a certficate or something to use it

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Posted: May 15th, 2009, 11:44 pm

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Nay, it gives lots of lag and it doesn't do what it says it should do :/

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