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Paper Mage (fire / Ice Or Light) : KO Submissions

Posted: May 19th, 2007, 5:55 am
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Paper Mage (Fire / Ice or Light)
Overview: This Mage build involves adding only to Magic Power, adding nothing to Intelligence until you reach the limit of 255 MP. One advantage of this build is the extreme damages at low levels, as well as the low costs attributed to not having to buy higher level armor.

However, the low defense and crippled Intelligence of this build is often their downfall. Also, at higher levels, a normal Fire mage with a good staff (i.e. Elixir +6 or so)

Detailed: a paper mage is a mage that puts all his character points into magic power. He doesnt put anything into intelligence or health points! Hes primary skill should always be fire. And glacier als secondary.

The benefits of this are, that the paper mage maks a lot more damage than any other mage. Meaning you can take on stronger monster at lower levels.

The downsides are, that you dont have much mp and a low defence (thats where the name "paper mage" comes from, since they are as fragile as paper), thay cant use good items.

Now when leveling you should find a few cursed upgrade scrolls. Bring these to Proconsul along with the cheapest armor for mages( upgradable).
He will make you an armour +4 with bonuses. These can be mp, hp or inteligence. The inteligence are useless. But keep the hp and mp ones.

You should make yourself two complet sets of armour. One set with mp and the other with hp.
Wear the mp set while hunting monsters, to do even more damage.
Unfortunatly the mp bonus doesnt work in colony zone, thats why you need the hp set(which does work).

Do the same with earings, necklaces etc. Collect two sets, mp and hp.

Now later on when you have lots of money, you can upgrade your armour to +6/+7. If you have LOTS of money go for +8. This is your final armour, the best you will ever wear as a paper mage.

The next thing you need is a good staff. Because of your low int you cyn only use wizard or red eye staffs. Try getting this to +6 and then add fire elemental damage to it. ( im not going to explain the upgraiding part, since there already is a guide) Later on you can go for a lycean staff, which cost a lot of cash(be prepared to pay more than 100 million)

As for leveling:
I would advise you to always be in a party. You can solo, but the chances that you die are very high, since most enemys kill you in one hit. If your in a party, then stay in the back row with the other mages and kill the monsters from far away. DO NOT STAND IN THE FRONT!!!!

At the beginning stay in Moradon until you can kill lycans. Then go to piana.
At level 27 you get fire spear and the fun starts. Trie getting into a haunga, death knight or meganthereon party and you should reach lvl 33 realy fast. Once you are level 33 you get your first aoe spell (Area of Effect)
This spell can hit multipel enemys at once.
With this go to the goblin village, and trie it on kobolds. You might not kill them one hit so besure to have other spells ready.
Later on you can trie bugbears etc.

If you like to solo, then trie any kind of orc. They have a low defence and a high attack. Dont worry about the attck since you should be able to kill them before they get to you.

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