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Perspective of Sin PvP guide : KO Submissions

Posted: December 24th, 2006, 6:43 am
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First off this is my first guide this is mostly an attempt to get in :D I've used Heaven fire to level from 1-56 in about 2 weeks so ill start off by saying Go archer until 55 then try to get into Harpy Partys till 62 and leech or koxp :D

First Equipment :twisted:
Equipment can be one of the most tactical things in a pvp fight everyone knows this but doesn't consider the minor loss of even 10 defense....
First for a Sin u want to make sure u have at least +6 Mirage Daggers that 81 attack power with wolf buff can put u up to 1k Atk power but if your rich enough get a set of rebirth they should land u around 1050 or 1100
second make sure u have at least 1500 health before pvping even 100 health can be crucial at times (if Paper Sin Get a loyal priest asap HP is valuable)
third the Dreaded Armor equipment
If u are a paper Sin try to get at least Half Plate +7/12 if not i suggest not being a paper Pvp sin
If u are a Armored Sin Get Full plate +7/12 or if u are a rich sob get some Chitin Rebirth +1/12 and try to get it to rebirth +5/16

third is the builds
Paper Sin
alllllllll Dexterity If not well your not a paper then :D after that Health/Strength (strength for carrying more pots and releases some accessories spots )
Assassin should get Spike asap don't worry bout explore u can get the valued stuff at later levels
as soon as Spike is attained get Cure Curse its an extremely good Lunar War/Ardream skill to have Support/solo wise
Magic Shield at 62 Your Prime level this will make u invincible to mages in my opinion u can easily take out any Paper mage with this skill
get +8 Health or Dexterity Or strength if u need some Hp pots to fight the Warriors if u can't get +8 get +6 or +7 but don't expect to pwn everyone

Armored Sin
For when u are just starting put all into dexterity until 15-20 (depends on what u are macroing) this will give u at least 110-130 Dexterity which is pretty useful at lower levels
after 20 start putting 1 into health each level and 2 into Dexterity by level 55 u will have 95 Health and 190 Dexterity This is enough for 2 +1 rebirth Mirage Daggers and Chitin u will have roughly 700-900 Base Health and with any Health
Get the same skills as the Paper Sin
Accessories that u might desire u can get about 1100 health
Accessories Get at least +8 for everything if u cant get, then get +6 or +7 All Dexterity cause u need all the atk power u can get.

Now The guide to Picking off the noobs
First and Foremost never jump right into a crowd of orcs/humans no matter what level even at 56 with 1500 health they can cast slash and beat u to death (i was starting pk and tried it.... it dint end well)
First off Find a set of Monsters that has a high amount of health (blood dons are good) and setup a Skill Bar that is most comfortable for u to use and Practice for a long time till u know u can do it all in 10 seconds or less
My Skill Bar is set up as
Minor Healing
MP Pot
Spike(replace this with Peirce if u want to save Spike for Kill)
Light Feet(you may want to switch with Magic Shield)
Strength of Wolf
Lupine Eyes
Swift(for the battle priests, Mages who cant get speed pots)
Magic Shield

Sin Vs Warrior
This is prolly one of the worst Setups u can get Unless this warrior is Pure noob u are going to need some HP pots I suggest
Equipping strength Accessories so u can carry alot of Hp/MP pots

Sin Vs Mage
Probably one of the easier fights you'll face against Paper mages should be a combo hit KO Int mages provide a little more of a challenge if they carry Speed potions They will either Ice u
then barrage u with flame and keep scooting away or ice u and call for reinforcements if so Hp pot or spam minor heal and Town away u might get jail which can hurt your NP count but don't worry you'll make it up in the long run

Sin Vs Priest
Sin vs a battle priest is not something i suggest u fight unless u easily out dmg the priest or the Priest is a total noob
Sin fighting a Heal/buff debuff priest is as simple as taking out a paper mage although u only have to worry about getting hit by Reinforcements...

Sin Vs Sin
It all comes down to who has better equipment and who combos faster

Sin Vs Archer
This can be tough if they have a +5 Helenids or +5 Iron bow because of iron shower but if u are an armored sin it should be a fair fight i suggest saving Spike for the last hit and using Peirce first

This is my guide i hope it works out for someone and gets me in :D

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