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PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP - Hacking Shops : KO Submissions

Posted: February 4th, 2006, 9:49 am
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Knight Online

So first, go ahead and start up TSearch, once loaded, minimize that, and start up Knight Online, login, choose your server, and get in the damn game already.
Now goto any shop you want, but if you want to follow in my foot steps, go ahead and choose the same guy I did, which is:

Ok Left Click him, then Right Click him, then select "I want to trade" when the shop window is up and open, go ahead and minimize Knight Online (ALT+TAB) and into TSearch. In Tsearch click "Open Process" and select KnightOnline.exe, then click "Open". Once opened, you will see that the magnifying glass is now enabled, which is located right under "Open Process" button. Go ahead and click the magnifying glass which is labeled "Init new search". Leave everything the same, except type 1 in the Value text field. After searching the value 1, you will be over whelmed with values, make sure the search is finalized before going back into Knight Online. Once back in Knight Online close the shop window, minimize Knight Onine, back into Tsearch, and click the magnifying glass right beside the magnifying glass you click before, labeled "search next". Once the new window opens, under the Search: DROP DOWN MENU box, select decreased by. In the Value text field, enter 1, it will search through the values that have decresed by 1, which will shorten the list very much. Once the search is finalized, head back into Knight Online, and open up the same shop window again, once opened minimize Knight Online, back into Tsearch, click the same magnifying glass you did last, this time instead of Searching "decreased by", change that into "increased by" and also put the value 1, into the text field. Your number should once again decrease by alot. Again, back into Knight Online close the shop window, then minimize Knight Online, once you are back into Tsearch, you gonna wanna click the same magnifying glass you did last time, select "decrease by" and enter 1 in the Value text field. Just like before go back into Knight Online, open the same shop window, then minimize Knight Online, and back into Tsearch, click that same magnifying glass, change the Search into "increase by" and Value into 1. Ok by now, you should have the value, if you dont, keep repeating the same steps intill you have just one value.

With this value, click it once, then click the button right above it which is the green plus sign, which is labeled "Add Selected line(s) to table". You will notice that the value will move to the table too the right, your going to want too right click the value and select "Edit". A new window should pop up, go down too where it says Hotkey, and click the "Set" button. Yes once again, a new window will pop up, under Key Sequence, click the button that says "Click here to set". Once clicked, a new window should pop up, which states that you should press any key, and that will be your Hot Key. I used "F1", you should too, so go ahead and hit the "F1" key, a new DROP DOWN Menu should be enable, with in it, select "Set Value", the Text field labeled Value, should also now be enable, in it type "1". then click ok, and ok on the previous window. You have done it, you have made a shop hack, yes you are a game hacking god, ok maybe thats a little over thinking the subject, but yes you have created a small hack. Minimize TSearch, do not close it, go back into Knight Online, and hit F1, and yes a shop will appear in front of your eyes with out having to go to the shop keeper, hack on.

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Posted: February 4th, 2006, 12:10 pm

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Isn't this copied from somewhere? Mmm..

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