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Ryan's Guide to getting Started and the basics for KOL. : KO Submissions

Posted: June 21st, 2006, 5:38 am
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Greetings Newcomers,
Hello my name is Ryan and I play Knight Online and I have been playing for a long time now. When I first got started it took me a long time to figure out how to maneuver my character, to use skills, ECT. I looked for guides but I couldn't find any that would help, so I am here to show "newbies" how to master the basics of Knight Online and learn how to get started. Without further ado, here is the Guide.

When you first login a screen with server names will pop up. This screen is to select the World you want to play in. To choose world you click on the name (ex. Ares) and then you choose which server within that world you want to play in. Be Warned! Once you choose a World to play in all the things that you get like experience or items will be saved to exclusively that server.

Next you will come to a screen that asks you whether to choose to be a member of the Orc or Human Race. In my personal Opinion, I would choose to be a human. Be warned again! When you choose one race you will not be able to switch races unless you delete all the characters from your first race.

Next you come to a screen that shows a few things, Create Character, Delete Character, Then a left and right arrow. To Create a New Character, Obviously, “Press create” Character. After this some things will pop up. What you want your character to look like, what profession you will choose, and whether it’s a man, a woman or a barbarian type person. And if you’re a Member of the Karus nation (an Orc as I call it) you have the same choices except you also have an added mage type person that can only be use for a mage.
The men have average stats, making them ideal for any position, although probably either Rouge or Warrior.
The Barbarians can only be Warriors. The Women would be best used in the Magic using profession category because of their high intelligence. And if you are part of the Karus nation, then the little man if only able to do the mage position.

A Warrior can be a tough defender for his teammates, throwing painstaking, harsh blows at the enemy. A Rouge can either be an archer, using his might arrow to flank the opposition and get them at their weak point, or an assassin, sneaking up to the enemies, undetected, and deliver deadly blows or even go behind enemy lines and report back so his teammates of his findings. The priest can be something called a “buffer” which uses spells to boost up his teammates’ skills so they can be even more powerful. Or he can be a battle priest using some spells while bludgeoning the enemy with his mighty clubs or maces. And finally the mage is a powerful magician, using wicked spells to burn, freeze, electrocute, and flat-out obliterate his opponent until he doesn’t know which way is up

After you do this you type in the characters name. Congratulations, you made your first character! After this a loading screen will come up. This may take a while, so be patient. After this you will find yourself in your Moradon. Next get comfortable using the mouse to change your camera angle by clicking and holding the right clicker on the mouse and dragging it whichever way you want it to go.
To look at your character status, guild status, friend list, and party staus, presses the "u" button. To look at your inventory, Press the "i" button. To look at your skills press the "k" button. Or you can just find these screens by clicking the buttons that correspond to them down on the bottom of the screen. Easy Enough?
Next, familiarize yourself with your surroundings and remember where the NPCs (non playing characters such as Captain Kunabarl) are.
Next you learn how to equip armor or weapons. To do this click on the inventory button or press “i”. Then once the inventory screen has popped up, you will see a weapon of some sort. Then click on that and drag it to the spot that has a sword or weapon- thing on it. Some weapons can be double equipped and when I say this I mean you can have two weapons wielded, each in on hand. But other times you will want to carry a shield if you can’t do this.
Now you want to learn how to fight eh? Okay once we have this down you first need to know how to have an advantage in fights. There is a big bar on the left side of the screen with 8 slots in it. Okay say you have some potions or you have a magic spell. To use these in battle you have you drag that little skill box or potion box or whatever it is to one of those 8 little boxes. To access potions and thing like that press the inventory button and drag the potion to one of the 8 boxes. (The red restore health and the blue potions restore magic points)Then in the midst of battle just press the red button and there you go, you are healed a certain amount. Next you need to learn how to use skills or magic in battle. When you press the k button your skills will pop up. You will see a few spells and you gain these by leveling up. You do these the same way you do the potions, just click and drag it to one of the 8 boxes. Now you’re ready for battle. To attack an enemy, double click on it or press b to select the closest enemy, and then r to attack it. Once you kill it, you will see a treasure chest. Click on it and then is what the monster had for example, it might’ve left money or a weapon. Click on the item to put it in your inventory
Every time you level up you will have 3 points added to a pool of points you can use to increase your stats, thus making your attack higher, or making you able to evade attacks better, and so on. Once you reach level 10 go immediately to Captain Kunabarl and make sure you have 3000 dollars. Once you have right click on him and tell him you want to choose your specialty. Then after that look at your skills you will now have the chance to do many more. To use these you have to add a certain number of points to the section such as Fire. For example you have to add a certain amount of skill points to Fire to get Super Nova Fire. You get two each time you level up so use them wisely. When you level up o to this screen you will see little P’s beside the type of skills like Fire or Ice. To add points to that section, (which will make the skill points go up in that section thus unlocking new skills over time) press the P button beside it.
And finally, to buy armor or weapons go the person that sells them and right click on them. Then say I want to trade and you will see a lot of items. On the armor screen the list is like this, Warrior Rouge, Mage Priest. What I mean by this is that the warrior’s armor is at the top and the Rouge is next and so on. If you have good enough stats, you can equip these, although remember they do cost money, so choose wisely.

This was a very basic guide and I didn’t do too good of a job on it so if you have any questions on this or any other thing that has to do with Knight online, I will be happy to answer them, you can contact me any time of the American day and I will help you to the fullest extent. (ryan93rocks@hotmail.com) if I get premium from this I will be making better, more in depth guides. So look for me in the future
Have Fun!!! 

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Posted: June 21st, 2006, 10:18 am

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Can premium members say yay or nay to this being moved to a confirmed section.

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Posted: July 5th, 2006, 1:45 am
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Posted: July 11th, 2006, 9:53 am
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kinda obvious... and he seems desperate 0.o =\

nay =p

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Posted: July 12th, 2006, 9:34 am
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hmm.. very basic :||


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