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Second Attempt At Free Membership : KO Submissions

Posted: March 25th, 2006, 10:11 pm
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Make a perfect mage

lvl 1~10 - Kill worms in mordon(hopfully you will get a rare item, since rare item was increased in last patch.)

lvl 10 - Go to Captin K.(next to handmade armor) in mordon and ask him about your skill, you will b able to choose, flame, lightining or glaciar.

lvl 10~30 - Go to Lufferson and go in the seeking list, alot of partys would want you (they want manner points) they will level you up really fast depending on the party

lvl 30~40 - Join Ash Knight partys, do not attempt to kill on own help the party kill them

lvl 40~41 - Go to Morodon and go to Captin K. ask him for Goblin Arena, there you can 1 hit goblins that give you 5,000 xp points, however you can only do lvl 40 to lvl 41

lvl 41~45 - Join some high xp partys like Dragon Tooth Skeletons

lvl 45~50 - There you can do a quest called Reccon Report, very high xp if you bring pots, you have to talk to the Captin in Lufferson.

lvl 50~60 - Now on you should have a clan and you should be in alot of harpie partys, when you are lvl 60 you are done with your skill list.


WHEN YOU GET LVLS FOR MAGES ONLY GET MP AND INT(or you can become other types of mages)
Paper Mages - all kinds of paper mage, myself I use only mp and +7 low armor
Paper Mage #2 - Int. mage up to crystal armor which i belive is 144 int.

When you get rich u might be able to afford those skills that never showed up like fire blast, impact , thorn (not including glaciar mages)

Flame Mages - Highest Price
Glaciar Mages - Middle (i think they are all the same)
Lightning Mages - Lowest Price

Posted: March 25th, 2006, 10:45 pm
aces_high's Reps:
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like i said before

we have enough guides on what monsters to kill at what lvls etc..

try something original

Posted: March 26th, 2006, 4:31 am
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