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Upgrade GUID : KO Submissions

Posted: August 24th, 2006, 12:28 am
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this is only part 1.
**Sorry for the Archer GUID my friend made it and i got his permission to use it.**

Upgrading Method 1

The purpose of this guide is to help you to estimate the average cost to build an upgraded item from +1. This is an important cost to understand, whether you are upgrading, buying, or selling. This guide also indicates which upgrade scroll you should use for a given class of item for a given upgrade step.

The upgrading system has changed significantly in Knight Empire (KE). There are now 4 types of upgrade scrolls. Here are the abbreviations used in this guide:

* LUS: Upgrade Scroll (Low Class Item)

* MUS: Upgrade Scroll (Middle Class Item)

* HUS: Upgrade Scroll (High Class Item)

* BUS: Blessed Upgrade Scroll (High Class Item)

* ElS: Elemental Scroll

* EnS: Enchant Scroll

This guide assumes that you are familiar with the upgrading process. If you don't know how to upgrade, read the item upgrade instructions on KO's web site.

Recommended Upgrade Path

Here are the steps I recommend for upgrading, based on stats we've collected so far and things I've heard/read:

* To upgrade low class items (e.g. wizard staff): LUS-LUS-LUS-LUS-LUS-LUS-MUS. That means use LUS to upgrade from 1->2, 2->3, 3->4, 4->5, 5->6, 6->7 , then use MUS to upgrade from 7->8. The % for those steps are approximately 100-100-70-70-65-35-5, which means:

o going from 1->2 with LUS is 100%

o going from 2->3 with LUS is 100%

o going from 3->4 with LUS is ~70%

o going from 4->5 with LUS is ~70%

o going from 5->6 with LUS is ~65%

o going from 6->7 with LUS is ~35%

o going from 7->8 with MUS is ~5%

* To upgrade middle class items (e.g. tier 4 armor, kukry): MUS-MUS-MUS-MUS-MUS-MUS-BUS. The % for those steps are approximately 100-100-70-70-60-35-5.

* To upgrade common high class items (e.g. chitin, iron xbow, glave, mirage): HUS-BUS-BUS-BUS-BUS-BUS-BUS. The % for those steps are approximately 100-100-70-75-60-35?-5. I have heard of HUS failing on 1->2, but it has not happened to me yet. HUS is unreliable for upgrading past +2. At this time I do not have a sizable sample size for 6->7 so the % is a guess

* To upgrade rare high class items (e.g. iron bow, raptor, shard, shell): use BUS only. The % for those steps are approximately 100-100-70-75-60-35?-5. Like I said above, I've never had HUS fail on 1->2, but it's probably worth spending the extra coin for a BUS.


1. You can safely upgrade low class items with LUS to +3

2. You can safely upgrade mid class items with MUS to +3

3. You can safely upgrade high class items with BUS to +3

4. KE has tweaked the BUS percentages on items that are now considered high class. 3->4 is now 70% (it was 90% pre-KE) and 5->6 is now 60% (it was 45-50% pre-KE)

5. It doesn't seem to help to use MUS, HUS, or BUS on a much lower grade item. E.g. using MUS on a low class item from 5->6 or 6->7 doesn't seem to improve the % success compared to LUS, and MUS costs than LUS more. The same applies to using HUS on a middle class item from 3->4 or 4->5 compared to MUS. And to using BUS on a middle class item from 7->8

6. For enchanting or adding elemental: LEnS and LElS are reliable on low class items, and MEns and MElS are reliable on middle class items. The % of failure is very low. However, I don't recommend you use HEnS for high class items. I've only tried it twice on +7, and one time it failed. Anything high class is worth spending a BEnS on.

7. Upgrading low class items to +7 is easy! You will need, on average, 9 +1 low class items to get to 1 +7 item. It is now VERY easy to get paper items up to +7/12; that is why their prices have plummeted. I think we're going to see more paper mages. Prior to KE, a single +7/12 armor piece used to cost 30 mil+ to build or buy. Now such armor costs less than a million to build.

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Posted: August 24th, 2006, 12:26 pm

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Can premium members say yay or nay to this being moved to a confirmed section.

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